A little over a year ago while doing research for our cruise vacation, and particularly the port of call in Belize, I stumbled over a video of cave tubing in Belize. It was made by a guy named Jason who also goes by the handle Gatorclaw. The video was made up of stills and short video clips. There was music, and all kinds of dynamic special effects to bring even the still pictures to life. Then I discovered this was just one segment, and that he had done a video documenting the whole cruise. The video is titled Voyage Of Valor (since they were on the Carnival Cruise Ship Valor). I don’t know Jason or his girlfriend Pepper other than through the video, and a couple swapped emails. But I really enjoyed watching their vacation videos! Jason seems like a nice guy, and Pepper is really, really cute!
Well, I just got an email from Jason telling me that he has created a new video! This new video is titled Islands Of Liberty, and documents their cruise on the Carnival Liberty. Jason and Pepper do an eastern Caribbean cruise along with Jason’s parents. This cruise takes them to Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Antigua, Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Nassau!
These videos are a ton of fun! I even just discovered that Jason made a video of an earlier cruise that I haven’t even seen yet.

Also, it looks like Jason has started a business making videos from still pictures. You can check out his web site at gatorclaw.com!

And check out his cruise videos!