There are many shows on a cruise ship that allow passenger participation. These shows can be a lot of fun to watch, but if you really want to get the most out of your cruise ship vacation, you should try participating in some of these activities. Often you can win a little plastic cruise ship trophy. Makes a great souvenir. Sometimes, you can also win a bottle of champagne.

Here is a sampling of the activities that they had on my recent Carnival cruise:

Fun Ship Fear Factor: Not really like the show. It was made up of two teams, each trying to get the best time over several events. One event involved moving the entire team across stage on a couple of mats. Another event was blowing up baloons and popping them by sitting on them. The final event was to drink some concoction made up of ketchup, pepper and who knows what else.

Men’s Hairy Chest contest: Pretty self explainatory.

Towel & Napkin Folding Demo: Kids and adults covered the stage following instructions by expert room stewards and waiters, learning how to make towel animals, and fold towels into decorative designs.

Newlywed Game: Three couples are brought up on stage. One a newlywed couple, usually the most newly married available, another couple that has been married the longest, and a thrid couple that was married someone in between. They are asked questions, and the most matching answers wins.

Love & Romance Game: Anyone can play this. Everyone gets up on stage. They are asked questions and given two answers. Depending on which you think is right, you move to the left or right side of the stage. If you are wrong, you are out. The last person on the stage wins. The questions are all out of a sex book by Dr. Ruth. (hint, I have seen this on my last two cruises, and I think the questions were the exact same).

Guest talent show: They have room for 7 acts. You audition, and then you can perform in the big talent show. Fun to watch, fun to be in.

Legends show: This show as far as I know is only on the Carnival Legend. People audition for parts in the show. They dress as big stars such as Elvis, Britney Spears, Garth Brooks, Frank Sinatra, etc, then get up during the big show perform a song by that star.

Karaoke: Almost daily. Always a chance to get up on a small stage, make a fool of yourself, and have a great time.

This is just a small sampling. There are many more activitys as well. Most of these seem to be standard on Carnival Cruises. Other cruise lines may have other types of activities.