When you are planning a cruise vacation, there are many things to thing about. Which cruise line? How many days do you want your cruise to last? But after you have made these decisions, you need to decide on an itinerary. There are variety of itineraries available, so choosing one can be tough. There many things to consider. Besides what ports of call you wan to visit, you need to think about how many ports of call you want to visit during a particular length of cruise. Do you want to visit a bunch of ports of call, and have fewer days at sea? Or do you want to visit fewer ports, and have more time to relax on ship?
Our honeymoon was our first cruise. We thought it would be cool to go on a cruise with abunch of ports. But our cruise agent talked us out of it. He said we enjoy a cruise with fewer stops an more days at sea. We listened to him, and chose a 7 day Carnival cruise with only three stops: Nassau, San Juan, and St. Thomas. We had the time of our lives!
A couple years later we went on another cruise. This time we went with my brother’s family. They wanted to go on a cruise with a bunch of stops. So that’s what we did. We chose another 7 day cruise with 5 ports of call: St. Thomas, St Martin, Dominica, Barbados, and Martinique. We did have alot of fun. But it was not nearly as relaxing as our first cruise.
We have since gone on a couple more cruises(a 7 day cruise, and an 8 day cruise), both with 3 ports of call
So what are the differences between a cruise with fewer and more ports of call?
On the 7 day cruise with 5 ports of call, we had stops nearly every single day. So the daily routine was wake up early, go eat a breakfast. Go back to the cabin, and get our stuff ready to go into port. Do an excursion, and/or some shopping. Go back to the ship tired. Take a shower, or at least change clothes. Go to dinner. Maybe go back to the cabin to change again, depending on what we are doing that night. Maybe we would go to a show, or a lounge for a while. But we had to get back to the cabin and go to bed, because we needed to get up early the next morning and do it all over again! It was tiring!
Our cruises with fewer stops were much more relaxing! There was plently of time to stay up late, sleep in, sit on deck and read or get a sun tan, take naps, watch movies in our cabin. We still got to spend time in some great ports of call, but there was more downtime between them. It was more relaxing, and the cruises really seemed to last longer.
So if you are looking to see and do lots of stuff, and don’t care about relaxing, by all means take a cruise with lots of ports of call. If you want to take your time, relax, try a cruise with few stops. There are still plenty of activities on the cruise ships during the days at sea. Trust me, you will not be bored!