With our cruise quickly approaching, we are trying to decide which excursions we want to do. Our first stop is Panama. I have read that the Grand Tour is supposed to be good. I think seeing the Panama Canal might be interesting…for about five minutes. I live five minutes away from the Erie Canal, and cross over it every day. I have seen a canal. They are not that interesting. I didn’t find anything about beaches or snorkling there. And it is not supposed to be very safe to g out on your own. So I guess we will end up taking an excursion.
Costa Rica is next and Belize is after that. There are cool things in both Belize and Costa Rica. Both have zip lining. Belize has a cave tubing thing that sounds fun. Costa Rich has a white water river rafting thing. Belize also has a lot of great snorkling. My brother wanted to do snorkling, which I think would be cool. But I also wanted to do the cave tubing, and zip lining. When we go online to Carnival’s web site, it shows the zip lining in Costa Rica, but when we enter our boarding number, it does not show as available anymore. So we don’t know if the zip lining is Costa Rica is even a possibility. Belize has so many cool things to do, and we can only pick one. If in fact we can do zip-lining in Costa Rica, that would narrow the choice on Belize. I called Carnival, and the guy I talked to didn’t have information on the availability of the zip lining. I suggested I send an email to Carnival’s excursion people. I did, and they emailed me back that the vendor didn’t supply them with availability info. So we just don’t know what we are going to do yet.