About two hours after leaving Port Canaveral, the Princess Cruise Lines ship the Crown Princess apparently suffered a problem with it’s rudder causing the ship to tip heavily to one side. The listing caused tables to over turn, and things to slide around and break. Passengers were running for thier life vests. At least 93 passengers were injured, 16 of them seriously. Injuries included cuts, bruises and fractures.
The ship returned to Port Canaveral where the problem is being investigated. The Coast Guard can’t say how many degrees the ship tilted before righting itself.
The ship had been scheduled for a 9 day western Caribbean cruise with ports of call being Grand Turk, Ocho Rios, on Jamaica, and Grand Cayman.

A lot of people worry about incidents like this. But if you look at the number of cruise ships, and the fact that they are cruising nearly 52 weeks a year, then these incidents only make up a very tiny percentage of the total number of cruises. Most cruises suffer no problems, and have nothing but happy passengers. I don’t know that stats, but you are problem more likely to be in a car accident, than a mishap like this on a cruise ship.