After my long frustrating drive from Rochester, NY to Akron, OH on winter roads, and lots of stop and go traffic, I arrived at the Comfort Inn in Akron, OH. I met some of the other people from my karate school in the lobby waiting to check in. After they checked in, it was my turn. Check in went smoothly. I asked about the hot tub, and he pointed to where it was located. I asked whether they had a fitness room ( said they had one, but their own website didn’t mention it). He said yes they had a small room, and said it was down by the spa room.
I went out the my car, grabbed my stuff, and went to my room. On the way to my room I passed by the spa room, and saw a note on the door saying the spa was temporarily out of order! This ticked me off a little. Why didn’t the desk clerk tell me this? I had been looking forward to soaking in the hot tub!
Once in my room, it reeked of cigarette smoke! I looked around and found an ashtray on a table. I dragged my stuff back downstairs to the front desk. The clerk was checking in another guy. I waited. Finally it was my turn. I explained that he put me in a smoking room, and I had requested a non-smoking room. Fortunatly he was able to move me to a non-smoking room. I asked about the hot tub, and he told me that he was unaware that it was out order. He looked for any notes about it, but didn’t find anything. So he didn’t know why it was out of orde, or what was wrong with it.
Hopefully it will be fixed before I leave. I supposed to run 5 miles at marathon pace tomorrow evening, and it would be nice to soak in the hot tub afterward.

11/4: I love the free high speed internet. Last night it was truly high speed. This morning though, it is running kind of on the slow slide.
I took a shower. I know they have water restrictors due to regulations, but this was the WEAKEST shower I think I have ever taken.
The out of order sign is still on the spa room this morning.
They have a decent free continental breakfast. I had a couple danishes, and a hard boiled egg.

11/4 (later): I was out all day, and came back to my room, but the card key no longer worked. It just flashed a red light every time I swiped my card. I went down to the front desk, and he reactivated the card. I booked the room for 2 nights!
I talked to some friends who are also staying at the hotel, and they said the shower BLASTED them. So I get this wimpy shower, and they get TOO much power.
The spa room is still closed, and wont be open till after we are gone. Apparently some kid dumped soap in the hot tub. That kind of sucks since I was really looking forward to soaking in the hot tub after a long day at the karate tournament, and seminar.

11/4 (even later): We went out had some dinner. I came back played on the internet a little bet. Then I decided to go down to the fitness room and run on the treadmill. They have a Proform 585, which is very similar to my Proform J6si. The railings were really rickety and need to be tightened. I turned it on, and started it. The counter acted as if the thing was going, but the belt wasn’t going. I tried everything I could think of, but it just wouldn’t go. It’s like the motor is burned out or something. The panel seemed to work fine, and motorized incline worked, But the belt wouldn’t turn. I asked the desk clerk, and he said some woman had used it earlier. Okay. It didn’t seem to work when I tried it. As I said, it is very similar my my own treadmill, so I think it would work very similar.
I tried a Nordictrack climber, and a exercycle thing, but they weren’t what I wanted or needed. I was scheduled to run 5 miles today, and planned on using the the treadmill.

Overall, this hotel kind of sucks.