I don’t know how cold it got last night, but it got colder than our sleeping bags were designed for. It was a nice day yesterday. T-shirt weather even. But last night, my wife crawled into our sleeping bag (actually two sleeping bags that zip together), while I sat playing on the computer. My fingers got colder, and colder until I was having a hard time typing. I decided to crawl into the sleeping bag myself. I was freezing! I normally wear little clothing in a sleeping bag. But ended up putting on a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt, and later on socks and sweatpants. I was still freezing. We cuddled for warmth, and that helped, but man, it was cold!!!!
This morning we went off to Wal-Mart. We figured out our sleeping bags are probably rated for 40 degrees (but they are cheap Coleman bags bought at Wal-Mart, so who knows). Like I said, I don’t know how cold it got. My wife said her can of pop didn’t freeze however.
Wal-Mart had a bunch of bags rated down to 40. They had a few that were rated down to 20 degrees, and a couple that were rated down to 0. All the sub-40 degree bags were mummy styles. We debated about a mummy bag, or what else. The 0 degree mummy bags were about $40-$45 (obviously not high end). Other options were buy a blanket to throw over the sleeping bag.
We finally decided to buy a couple $11 fleece sleeping bags that we plan to zip together, and stick inside our current sleeping bags. If the fleece bags don’t work tonight, we might be heading back to Wal-Mart tomorrow to pick up the mummy bags.
Looking at weather reports later in the day, we found that it had gotten down to 32 degrees last night! No wonder it was so frigging cold!