I grew up less than 10 miles from the Cave Man restaurant, and somehow never ate there. I had passed it many, many times and knew exactly where it was. When I was a kid, my dad would take the salmon that he had caught down there to get it smoked.
Anyway, on this trip to the Seattle area we passed it, and I told my wife that I want to eat there. A few times throughout our trip we intended to eat there, but other things came up, and we managed not to eat there. But today we finally managed to get there for lunch. And we almost missed it again. My sister in law had suggested a place named Rooter’s Barbeque & Catering in Black Diamond, and we probably would have eaten there, but we did have the address, and didn’t see it while driving through town. So we ate at the Caveman.
The parking area was pretty full. It is not a tourist place at all. A few police officers were in line right in front of us. They smoke their own meats right there, and they have various choices of things including chicken, beef, pork and salmon. We ordered two large sandwiches, one beef and one chicken. They were each sliced in half, and we split them between us. We also got some potato salad.
I first ate half the BBQ chicken sandwich, and it was very good. Then I ate half the BBQ beef sandwich. It was good, but I liked the chicken sandwich better. The potato salad was okay, but I have had much better. I wich we had gotten the BBQ pork sandwich instead of the BBQ beef. I am thinking it might have been very good. I will pobably come back next time I am in town.
The Cave Man is located at 807 West Valley Highway, Kent, WA 98032. Phone:(253)854-1210.