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My wife and I wanted to go camping on labor day weekend. I only started looking a couple weeks ahead. Needless to say our choices were somewhat restricted. I was hoping to find a campsite wih electrical hookups, but they were all taken, at least up in the area where we wanted to camp.
I narrowed the choice to Eel Weir and Jaques Cartier state parks. I went with Eel Weir State Park. I liked the fact that we would be camp right on the river. I was suprised to find the campground only about half full. The sites were kind of close together, and not separated by much. Most of the sites on by the river are actually across the road from the river with the exception of a couple sites that are directly along the river. Ours was one of the ones across the road. But we were close enough.
I liked the river, and enjoyed fishing there. Unfortunatly due to weather condition prior to our arrival, the fishing was just so-so. I did catch a small bass, and lost one.
The biggest issue is the nearby metal grated bridge. Everytime a vehicle goes over the bridge, there was a loud deep rumbling whine that lasted 4-6 seconds. If one of the Amish wagons went over the bridge, it was much louder, and lasted much longer. Fortunatly they weren’t out driving their wagons in the middle of the night. But there were cars and truck going over it. And there was what sounded like drag racing going on late one night.
The restrooms were a little dirty. There was only one shower in the men’s bathroom, and one in the women’s (so my wife tells me). The men’s shower was not pleasant. It seemed to only have ove temperature and that was just a touch too hot.
While we enjoyed ourselves, I doubt we will stay here again. There are lot of other campgrounds out there, and I am sure there plenty that are nicer than this one.

My wife and I wanted to go camping up in St Lawrence county. There are some places for rock hunting up there that we wanted to check out. I went to Reserve America and started searching for campgrounds up in that area. There were a bunch, including a couple on islands that appear to only be reachable by boat. I was hoping to find a campsite with electric, but they were mostly booked. There was a KOA campground that had sites with electric, but they cost more than I wanted to spend. And the only thing I really need electric for was to maybe run my laptop. And I really don’t need it. It would have been nice.
So I started looking at simple tent sites which is what we will be camping in anyway. I pretty much narrowed it down to Eel Weir State Park or Jacques Cartier State Park. Jacques Cartier State Park seemed bigger with more stuff. They had a beach with swimming. All the sites near the water were booked. Eel Weir State Park had sites right on the water available. It supposedly also has excellent bass fishing. I haven’t fished much for years and thought it might be fun. I went ahead and booked a site on the water at Eel Weir. I also bought a fishing license. So hopefully I will get to do a little fishing while I am there.
Of course we will also do some rock hunting while we are there. There is supposed to be tourmaline and some other gemstones up in the area.

We stayed at this campground 12 years ago, and we are here again. It’s just like we remembered it.
As we arrived, the lady came down to greet us. She was very friendly, and showed us on the map the various areas we could stay. Basically any unoccupied spot. We came pre-season, so they have mostly open spots. Next week, they will probably be much fuller. But they were still getting some areas ready for the season. She did recommend a couple areas, and we drove off to look at them. We found a nice spot in the woods, right next to the restrooms and showers. There were some branches fallen on the spot, so I pulled them away, and we set up our tent. Then we went down and told here what spot we chose. The tent spot only cost $26 (no power or water though). Much cheaper than man of the other campgrounds we have encountered during our trip. But I guess the KOA’s are a little newer, and nicer.
The restrooms are old, and nothing fancy. The showers are the same way. Interestingly, the showers cost 25 cents for minutes. I forgot about the pay showers, but when I saw them, I remembered them from 12 years ago. I can’t remember if they cost a quarter back then.
The manager lady was also very helpful in locating a good restaurant in town. She also mentioned that they have WIFI, but I would have to come down by the office to use it.
Cape Ann Camp Site is located at 80 Atlantic St, Gloucester, MA. (978) 283-8683.

After looking at some other campgrounds, we decided to stay at the KOA in Acadia. We stopped in to the office. We asked about a campsite, and how much it would cost. The two women here also couldn’t easily tell us what a camp site cost. The one did tell us the best tent site was about $56/night. That was down by the water. I asked about a site not by the water. It turns out they have a couple locations. One location was by the water, and one was in the woods. The sites in the woods were cheaper. She gave us a price under $40 for the site in the woods with electricity and water. We decided get the site in the woods with power. She booked us for three nights, and gave us directions. They were very friendly. And when we asked them about restaurants they tried to help us, even though they were from out of the area. They recounted us with every place they had eaten in the week they had been here. LOL!
We headed down to our site only to find that the site they gave us didn’t have power. We returned to the office, and they apologized for the goof. They moved us to a site with power which was the $40 price, but they did it for no charge.
The site was pretty basic. It was near the restrooms, and had electric, water, and even a cable TV hookup.
The bathrooms and showers are clean, and I thought it was cool that when you go into the shower, you can close and lock the door (it’s not one of those flimsy swinging doors with a latch that someone can just reach under and take your stuff).
Wi-fi was available right from our camp site with a very strong signal. Unlike the KOA in Twin Mountain, NH, I didn’t need a special code to connect to it.

We debated about whether to drive from Shelburne, VT all the way to Bar Harbor, ME. It was doable, but we would have spent the day on freeways, and not had time for stops. It would have given us three days in Bar Harbor. We decided instead to stop in the middle, and take our time on the drive taking smaller slower back roads. There were many places that we could have stayed, but I decided that the Twin Mountain KOA in New Hampshire would be good. It had a cabins (Kabins) available. And since the weather was turning miserable (rainy and cold), we thought staying in a cabin would be preferable to sleeping in a tent.
We arrived in Twin Mountain, NH, and easily found the KOA using directions on a brochure that we had found.
According to the brochure they only have a small number of cabins, and with the rain, I was hoping they would have one available. Fortunately they did. I was hoping for one close enough to the office so that I would have access to the wifi from the cabin. They put us in the cabin closest to the office, and I have a great connection.
What I like about the KOA campgrounds is that they are clean, and have lots of amenities. They cost a little more, but you are getting more for your money.
The people in the office were very friendly. They were also very helpful when we were trying to find an open restaurant on a Sunday evening, and even called the restaurant for us to verify they were open.
The cabin was nice and clean, and included heat which was nice since it had really gotten chilly. It had a full sized bed, and three twin sized bunks. All four had mattresses.
If you are in the area and are looking for a nice campground, I don’t think you could do much better than this one.

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