This last weekend we were flipping through the TV channels looking for something to watch, and we found a show called Cash And Treasures on the Travel Channel. We had never seen it before. They were having a marathon showing a bunch of episodes all in a row. So we watched the show while doing other stuff like cooking dinner, etc. It was pretty cool.
The premise of the show, is this woman named Becky goes to different places looking for treasures of different kinds. Each episode is 30 minutes. Most of them are stuff accessable to normal people. In one episode she goes panning for gold, and another she joins a guy going after sunken treasure. A few episodes that really sparked my interest were ones where she went after Sunstones in Oregon, and Amethyst in Georgia. Also of interest werer Thunder Eggs (Geodes) in New Mexico, and Meteorites in Kansas. There are some other episodes listed on the website that I didn’t see, where they go after Diamonds, Aquamarines, Sapphires, and Opals.
I suggested to my wife, that maybe we organize a vacation around one of these locations. She liked to idea. So I will have to do some research. Maybe record the shows next time they are on, and watch them a little more closely.