I woke up at about 7:30am and didn’t think I would get back to sleep. I dressed and head up to the sun deck to work out. The aerobics room was unlocked, but the lights were off. I wasn’t sure how to turn the lights on. I found a bunch of switches, but with no lights I couldn’t read what they were for.
I went to head up to the basketball court, but it was closed to “high winds”. I think they close the upper decks every night winds or not, just because they don’t want to monitor them.
I went back to the aerobics room, and tried the first button. The lights cam on. It read something like preset 1. I managed to get about 20 minutes of workout done before the aerobics teacher showed up. I so I went back to the cabin.
I worked on my logs while watching CNN, then started to get ready for the day.
We went down and met Jay and the gang for breakfast. One of our waiters named Jose actually looked like Chow Yun Fat, so I got a picture taken with him. The first picture didn’t turn out as the camera had slipped unto video mode. I got another picture taken with him but then that was blurred as the flash was off. So we tried a third time and this time the picture turned out. Our group made arrangements to meet for the debarkation talk. Then Helen and I returned to our cabin for bit.
When I signed up for the Sea Miles credit card, I got a coupon book. One of the coupons was for a free book on how to make towel animals with the purchase of a bathrobe. Helen already was thinking of buying a robe, so we bought the robe and got the free book. Then we headed over to the photo gallery. We found some of our photos. We bought about three of them, and dumped the rest into the recycle bin. The anniversary package that Helen bought included a $15 coupon towards a photo purchase, so we used that. We then headed to the gift shop and bought a Carnival Legend thimble for our collection. Helen bought a few souvenirs for her co-workers. I still want to buy a couple souvenirs for friends.
We dropped stuff off at our cabin, and then headed down to the debarkation talk. A necessary evil. Christin joined us, but part way through the talk we spotted Jay, Susie and Sara across the room. We hooked up with them after the talk. They gave us one of our formal photos as an anniversary present. They planned on spending the day amongst themselves.
Helen and I returned to our cabin, and the customs came shortly afterward. There is some movie on the TV now called The Big White. Carnival has been playing really weird movies lately.
At close to 1pm, I went down to the art auction. I signed up to bid, but I really didn’t have plans to bid on anything. I liked a couple paintings by a guy named Tomasz Rut. His work reminded me of Sandu Liberman.
We bought a Sandu Liberman artist proof at an art auction on a Carnival Cruise in 1996. I think that was one of their earlier auctions. There were only four of us at that auction in 1996. We had received invites, and Jay, Jay’s wife, Helen and I were there. It was very informal, and a lot of fun. Both Helen and I enjoy Sandu Liberman’s style. I have since seen copies of the same print for sale on eBay for a fraction of the price we paid. So now I am hesitant to buy art on a Carnival Cruise. We still like our Sandu Liberman print, and have bought another similar print, and a supposed original.
The actual auction was to start at 2pm, so I went back up to the cabin. After a bit, Helen and I headed down to Follies for the backstage tour. This was really cool! First James took us back to the dressing room that was filled with costumes and wigs and a row of seats in front of a lighted mirror. Many of the bulbs were out, I am not sure if that is the norm. James spent about 10-15 minutes answering our questions. Then we went out to the stage, and we got to spend about 10 minutes with the tech guys (and girl). I was great seeing how things work.
After the tour, Helen went back to the cabin, and I went back to the auction in progress. They were displaying some of the Tomasz Rut painting just as I got there. But not the ones I liked. I didn’t want to spend that much anyway. I enjoyed seeing some of the art. At the end they played a movie name Destino by Salvidor Dali and Walt Disney. I personally thought the movie was stupid. Then they did a drawing for four people to win five prints each. They were so close to calling my number when they called 801, but I had 802. Many of the numbers they called weren’t present, including 801. I didn’t win. I did get a free print supposedly worth $100. I want to see who will buy this mass produced little print for $100! But it was free and I enjoyed myself.
I headed back to the cabin and worked on my logs. Then I remembered that I wanted to go to formalities and buy another towel animal book as a gift for a friend, so I headed back downstairs.
I stopped into the Jewelry store as they seemed to be having a sale. Apparently I had just missed a drawing. I went and talked to Dan briefly about the Caribbean Amber bracelet I had bought. Apparently it is a showcase piece (one of a kind). He recommended I keep the tag. I thanked him and said maybe I’d see him on another cruise. I turned to go to our cabin and then remembered I was going to Formalities. So I turned around again. There were a couple really slow customers in front of me, but I managed to buy the towel animal book, and I returned to our cabin.
Helen was watching some movie on TNT named Radio Flyer. The little kid in it looked like the actor that played Frodo in Lord Of The Rings. When I saw the credits, it was in fact Elijah Wood as a little kid.
At 5:45 we went down to dinner. We met Christin and Sara in he hallway on the way down. Jay and Susie didn’t join us tonight. I had fettuccine in a cream sauce for a starter, a generic salad, and both prime rib and salmon for the main course. All four of us had the chocolate fudge cake for dessert. It was very rich.
Following dinner, Helen and I returned to our cabin and began packing. Packing to leave a cruise ship is less stressfull but not as fun as packing for a cruise. I have already asked my wife what our travel plans are for 2008.
We wandered out of the cabin to see what was going on. I had a coupon for a free $5 chip. I got the chip from the cashier in the casino, as well as had him break a $20 bill. I played the chip over at the roulette table. I had never played roulette before. He wouldn’t break the chip into $1 chips because it was a free chip. Also I could only play the chip on the outside. So I debated what to play the chip on. I decided to play it on black. Wouldn’t you know the ball landed on 00 green. Oh well. I then went to play video poker and slowly lose my $10. My wife lost her $10 on slots. Then we wandered over to Satchmo’s. The band was a little late getting started. The schedule said “party dance music”. The band sounded great, but the music wasn’t the kind of dance music I was expecting. They played stuff like Fleetwood Mac, and Jimmy Buffett. After a while, we left, and explored a little before returning to our cabin to do a little more packing. There is a show in Follies at 10:30pm, and Medusa’s Disco opens to adults at 11pm. I think Jay and the gang are going to the show.
At 10pm, I went to throw our bags out in the hallway. I noticed Helen’s was noticeably heavier than mine. I was not really concerned that she would have a problem with it. I was concerned that her bag might exceed the 50 pound weight limit of the airline before they tack on a surcharge. So we redistributed some stuff to make the bags more even in weight. The bags both weighed in the mid 40s when we left home. That included a 12 pack of diet Pepsi in each bag. I drank the Pepsi so that weight is gone. But it was replaced by stuff like a towel, a robe, some shirts, and light weight rain gear. I don’t think we should have gone over 50 pounds. If they weigh over 50 pounds, I have a collapsed athletic bag in our carry on luggage that I can transfer some stuff to if needed.

We made our way down to Follies for the Legends show. The place was packed. We found a spot on the first floor on the right side. about halfway back. I kept looking for Jay and gang but didn’t see them. I decided to look up on the upper deck, but didn’t see them up there either. But I did find some great seat up front, so I went down and waved Helen up.
The show was mainly made up of guests dressed as big music stars performing some of their songs. Stars included James Brown, Elvis, Garth Brooks, Elton John, Brittney Spears, Gloria Estafon, Ricky Martin, and Frank Sinatra. Lenny came out and did a campy Dolly Parton, and a couple other crew members did a campy Sonny and Cher with a tall guy doing Cher, and a short woman on her knees doing Sonny. It was a fun show.
Following the show, we wandered down to Medusa’a but the place was dead. So we headed up to the Lido deck. I got a burger, and we shared fries. There were a bunch of ill behaved kids up there. They seemed to be part of a Camp Carnival activity. There was a Carnival employee seeming to be with them They were signing each other’s shirts and stuff. My wife tried to get by them and was repeatedly saying excuse me, and they were pretty much oblivious to her, and I saw a few guys bump into her kind of hard, like she wasn’t even there.
We headed back to the cabin and went to bed. We had a 6am wake up call set.

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