I got up at 6:45, got dressed and headed up to deck 10. The aerobics room was looked so I was going to head up to the basketball court. They were washing the decks immediately outside the closest doors, so I went out the doors on the other side. They stairs weren’t blocked off, but it was actually windy today. The deck up there was empty. The basketball court was dry. I started off with continuous Isshinryu kata, which is all of the empty handed kata performed in a row without stopping, just flowing from one into the next. Then I did continuous Isshinryu sai kata, which is all of the sai kata performed in a row. I didn’t actually have sai on the ship, so I did the kata without them, just doing the motions as if I were actually holding sai. When I finished the sai kata, the sun was rising. I took some photos of the sunrise, then gathered my stuff, and then headed down to out cabin. Then I worked on my cruise logs while watching some show on the discovery channel where the guy appears to be visiting Central American jungles.
Helen eventually got up, and we went into breakfast at Truffles. Following breakfast we went to the gift shop that was opening. They had the amber jewelry set out, but covered with shear scarves so we could still kind of see it. We checked out what we could see. I checked out the Citizen Eco Drive watch I had seen yesterday. I really don’t need another watch, but it was nice. We filled out cards for the upcoming amber drawing at 10:15, then headed back to our cabin. Helen read, and I half watched a movie named Domino, and half took a nap. About 10am, I got, and we headed back to the gift shop. The gift shop manager Dan is a funny guy. He always starts the ceremony off with drawn out “heeellllloooo!”. He seems to be very knowledgeable. Again we didn’t win. We are still in a drawing for the watch we bought yesterday. If they draw our receipt, the watch is free. They unveiled the amber. We went straight for the Caribbean amber which is a pretty green. It apparently only comes from Dominica, and Carnival owns exclusive rights to it’s mining, and it is pretty rare. I looked through a book on amber that they had in the store, and there was nothing even close to it. They only had rings, a few necklaces, a few bracelets, and a couple broaches. The rings were large and kind of gaudy. The necklaces were expensive. I showed a Caribbean Amber bracelet to Helen, and she kind of like it. When she wasn’t looking, I bought it, and it will be a future gift, maybe for her birthday. Helen bought a pair of green amber earrings (different than Caribbean Amber), and a yellowish amber necklace. We got out of there about 10:30, and then took a scenic route back to our cabin.
Shortly after we got back to our cabin Jay called. We made arrangements to meet at Truffles for lunch. It sounds like Jay and crew are going to be spending most of the day by themselves, and maybe go to the Golden Fleece Supper Club. Personally, I just can’t see spending $30 per person to go to a restaurant on a cruise ship when we are getting such wonderful food in Truffles, and it is already paid for. After I got off the phone with Jay, we still had a while, so I sat down to update my cruise logs, and watch some TV. I caught the end of a made for TV movie about David Cassidy. The I watch a show about Kevin Smith and his movies like Clerks, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.
Just before noon, Helen and I went down to Truffles with wait for Jay and group. Surprisingly, Jay and Suzie showed up on-time at around noon. Christin and Sara were up on deck somewhere.
I started with a salad, and had Trout Almandine and a build-your-own burger. Both were really good. I asked for lots of sautéed onions, and got them. I am seriously going to have to diet when I get home. I had considered trying to compete in the Men’s Hairy Chest Contest, but we got out of lunch too late.
Helen and I returned to our cabin. I watched TV for a bit. They were playing a recording of the Travel & Adventure Talk, where the cruise director Lenny Halliday is describing the ports of call and excursions. Lenny is probably my least favorite cruise director. He can sing, but he just isn’t as funny or approachable as our previous cruise directors. That is just my opinion.
I took a nap for a while, then woke up shortly before 2:30pm. We left the cabin, and went to Follies Lounge for the Newly Wed/Not So Newly Wed game. They picked one couple that had just been married, one couple that had been married for 40 plus years, and another couple that had been married a year, and today was their anniversary. They were asked funny questions and got points if their answers matched.
At 3pm they had a game called Love And Romance, and had questions taken from Dr Ruth. Everybody gets up on stage. They ask a question and give an A and a B answer. If you think the answer is A you go to one side of the stage, or B the other side of the stage. If you answer wrong, you are eliminated. Helen and I both got knocked out on the first round. The questions were the same as they were 2 years ago (we made it farther then…I guess we forgot). Helen left to explore the ship after getting eliminated, and I stayed and watched the rest of the game. Then I explored the ship for a bit, and then returned to the cabin. I was going to go to the casino, but didn’t have any cash on me. I found that I had put my cash back into the safe. Each room has a safe that is lock and unlocked using any card with a magnetic strip. I have had problems with the safes on the last two cruises when we first arrived. On both cruises, the safes were still locked using the previous occupants card. So I have had to have someone come up and reset the safe so that we could use them. After that, they are great, and can be used to store valuables.
There is a towel animal making demo at 4pm that I might go see.
I left the cabin, and wandered around the ship exploring. I stumbled upon Jay, Susie and Christin laying around the pool. I talked to them a bit, and then headed off to the towel and napkin folding.
The towel folding was already in progress. Jake the Asst Cruise Director was the MC. Room stewards were demonstrating how to make various animals, and the stage was covered with kids and some adults making towel animals.. After a little while, they switched to napkin folding. Jake called for a volunteer, and I raised my hand. Jake called for the “karate guy” to come up. So I headed up, and learned to fold some napkins while being the topic of some of Jake’s humor. But it was fun. I don’t think I will remember any of them. They mentioned they had a book of how to fold napkins, and to talk to our waiters. They were selling books on how to do the towel animals.
I returned to our cabin to relax before getting ready for our second formal dinner. Helen pulled out her curling iron. Hopefully she has better luck this time. On the night of the first formal dinner, she plugged in the iron in and curled her hair, and singed it. It seems the outlet she plugged it into was 220 volts, and not 110 volts. But the plug fit perfectly. The curling iron still seems to be working and didn’t burn out.

From the towel animal class, I learned to make an elephant. I undid the elephant we had in the room, and remade it. I then made a second one and left them on the bed to mess with the steward.
We went to dinner, and Helen and I were the first to arrive of our group, with the rest close behind. I started with a cheese and broccoli soup, and also a Portobello mushroom thing as well. Helen had a New England crab cake. I then had a Caesar salad followed by chateaubriand. For dessert I had a pineapple coconut pastry thing. I was all good. I would have liked the soup a little more cheesy though.
Following dinner, went to get some formal pictures taken. As we passed by the gift shop, I kind of guided people in. I showed them the amber stuff. I was talking to Dan the manager, and we ended up buying another piece of the Caribbean Amber. This time a ring that we will have remounted into a pendant. It turns out Dan is a Kyokushin karate guy, so we talked a bit about karate.
We then left the store, and got a photo of our group taken on some stairs. Then Helen and I got a few pictures taken of just us.
After this, we went to Follies for the 8:30 show. The show was named Take Two. This was supposedly a follow up to Jazz Hot. This show was actually much better. They had a Wizard Of Oz section, then went into a James Bond section that blended in a Austin Powers bit. Then they went into a monster movie part that included the Time Warp. I had been hoping they would include this, or Sweet Transvestite. When they did Time Warp, I really wanted to jump up and start dancing. If I had seen anybody else do it, I would have been up.
After the show, we returned to the cabin to change. The Grand Gala Buffet is tonight at 12:30am. The picture taking for it is at 11:30pm. Not sure why they did this tonight as we will be in Belize tomorrow. We have to be early for excursions and such. I am watching Domino again as I type this. This movie is very hard to follow.

When we got back to the cabin we found a weird creature on our bed. I think it was a platypus or something. It had a long neck and head like a duck, but the body didn’t look like a duck. Helen thought it might be an ant eater. The steward had left the two elephants intact on the desk. Very cool!
I headed up to get in line for the picture taking of the grand gala buffet about 11:10. There were only about eight people there, but more started showing up. They opened the doors about 11:15, and I boogied through taking photos. Then I waited outside for Jay and group. Christin and Sara showed up about 11:30, and Jay and Susie showed shortly there after. We went through, and I took more pictures. Afterward, Jay Susie and I headed up to the Lido deck. The hamburger place was still not open. I asked a guy in a blue Carnival uniform about the burgers, and he said they were closed. He suggested I go to the grand gala buffet. I told him that it didn’t open till 12:30 and that I had to get up early tomorrow for an excursion. I asked him why they had he grand gala buffet on a night when we were in port the next day, and he said he didn’t have an answer. I got in line for pizza, waited for 5 to 10 minutes, and took what they had which turned out to be pepperoni. I returned to my cabin, downloaded the pics into my Fotochute, put my camera battery on the charger, and went to bed.

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