I don’t drink alcoholic drinks really. Maybe one or two strawberry daqueris on a seven day cruise. But I drink a lot of soft drinks! And those soft drinks add up on a cruise. I remember hearing that Carnival had added some sort of soft drink cards. When I got on the cruise ship, I inquried and found they were called Fountain Fun Cards. They have one for kids, and another for adults. The one for adults is more expensive. On my last Carnival cruise, which was an 8 day cruise, the card cost about $45, plus gratuities. The gratuities are paid when you buy the card. So you don’t have to be tipping the bartender everytime you get a soft drink. The cards can be purchased at any bar on the ship. I usually try to get my card very first thing when I am on the ship, so I can get maximum usage from it. Out on deck, you can use the card at any bar. You can also use it in the show lounge, and at dinner in the restaurant. Just show the drink person the card, and tell them what you want. Carnival carries Coke products, so I usually got a Diet Coke.
Another thing I do is to pack a couple 12 packs of soft drinks in my luggage. Then I keep a can or two on ice in the ice bucket in my cabin. Then I have nice cold pop in my cabin in the morning, or late at night when I might not want to leave the cabin.