Having just arrived in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and set up our tent, I inquired of the campground manager of any good restaurants in the area. She mentioned a couple, and gave me a list of all the restaurants in the area. Then instead of recommending any restaurants, she crossed a couple off the list and said to avoid those as she had gotten poor reports about them.
One of the initial restaurants she named was Captain Carlo’s Restaurant. To tell you the truth, I think we might haven’t eaten there many years ago, but I am not sure.
So we drove down to the waterfront, and found the restaurant. It was on Harbor Loop right next the whale watch place that cancelled our whale watching cruise 12 years ago due to bad weather. Anyway, I digress.
We walked into Capt. Carlo’s and were greeted by a young lady (actually they seem to keep all the women out front, and keep the men back in the kitchen). She seated us. We were kind of lobster’d out from the three nights in Bar Harbor, so we wanted just simple fish and chips. Another young lady came to take our order. We ordered a couple diet cokes, which were quickly brought. Then she took our order. We ordered a bowl of clam chowder (the bowl was big enough to feed both of us, and only a couple bucks more than the cups). And we both ordered the fish and chips. The clam chowder came out first with a couple packets of oyster crackers. I like oyster crackers, my doesn’t, so I only put crackers in my half of the bowl! LOL! The clam chowder was very good, Not the best we have ever had, but it was better than most. We were scraping the bowl for the last drop. Then our waitress brought out our fish and chips. She also brought us extra tartar sauce, actually more than we needed. The fish was very tender, and delicious. The fries were good. The serving portions were pretty big. My wife was only able to eat able to eat about half of hers. I ate my whole meal and was stuffed. That was about 1:30ish. It is now about 6:30, and neither of us is very hungry. We are not sure about dinner yet. Everything might be closed by the time we are hungry again.
The prices were reasonable too. The fish and chips each cost $7.50, and the bowl of chowder about $6. We enjoyed our meal, and would happily eat here again.
Captain Carlo’s Restaurant is located on the Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA. (978) 283-6342.