We had eaten very well at Captain Carlos Seafood Restaurant for lunch, and had gotten pretty full. We didn’t know if we would have room for dinner. But when it got to be about 8pm, we decided that we should find at least something to eat, or we would be starving in the morning. We were concerned about how late things would be open, and were reassured when we saw online that some places were supposed to be open till 11pm.
So we drove down to the Gloucester waterfront, and parked. We walked along the road for a bit looking for seafood restaurants. There was a big one that we were advised against. We found a few other non-seafood restaurants as well. But we didn’t come to Gloucester to eat Chinese food. LOL! We found a map, and found there were only a few seafood restaurants down here at all. We got back in to car to hunt down The Cupboard, a restaurant in the nearby park. We found a sort walk up style place, that almost looked like a concession stand. Was that The Cupboard? We didn’t see a sign. We decided to head back to Capt. Carlo’s.
We found parking right in front. There were a lot more people here tonight, but we were seated quickly. They brought us some rolls. They were made with a lot of dill. I tried one, and really didn’t care for it. My wife seemed to like them.
Since my wife and I were not overly hungry, we decided to split an entrée. We debated about which one. We were going to ask the waitress, but it took forever for her to come over. I started to tell her about how we weren’t sure what to order, and she asked if we needed more time, and that she could go fill another table’s drink orders. We told her go ahead. While she was gone, we decided on our own to try the Seafood Casserole. It came with a salad and a potato, so we decided to order a second salad. We also decided to split another bowl of clam chowder. When the waitress came over, we ordered our food. For the potato we ordered roasted potatoes.
The clam chowder came out quickly, and was even better than what we had there for lunch. Then the salads came. Eventually the entrée came out. The Seafood Casserole was excellent. The roasted potatoes were also very good.
When were done eating, we waited and waited for our check. The waitress would pass right by us to process other people’s orders. Finally, my wife asked the hostess if we could get our bill. He hostess went in search of the waitress. About three or four minutes the waitress showed up with our bill, we paid and left.
The food was great. Our service tonight kind of sucked though. But it seemed to be just our waitress. Other people who came in about the same time we did got there food before we did, and were gone long before we got out of there. I think our waitress may have been relatively new. At least I hope she was new, because she needs to learn to be more efficient.
With the excellent food, and knowing that service isn’t all like what we had tonight, I
Capt. Carlo’s Seafood Restaurant is located on Harbor Loop in Gloucester, Mass.