We have be tentatively planning on hiking to Camp Muir next June, staying over night, and coming back down. But I have started to consider climbing all the way to the summit. I saw that the price for a guided summit climb from RMI is $795. That is doable. I have always wanted to climb Mt Rainer. I emailed my brother about the idea this morning, but haven’t heard back yet. He suggested in the past that he might be interested in climbing Mt. Rainier.

I ordered a book and a video. The book is Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide, and the video is titled Train To Climb Mt Rainier.
I am already in pretty good shape from martial arts class five days a week. But I need to do more climbing type stuff. Work on those particullar muscles. I recently bought a treadmill, and am eyeing a stepper. I also plan to get out about on the local hills and mountains.