We are starting to plan a pre-memorial day weekend driving trip around New England. We have done it before, and it was a blast. We are thinking about doing a slightly route this time.
I pulled out my copy of Delorme Map’n’Go, and installed it. I got all kinds of warnings about stuff being out of date, so I looked at the CD, and found it was from 2000. Kind of old. So I went to look for a new version of Map’n’Go, and found that they don’t make it anymore. It looks like they merged Map’N’Go with Street Atlas USA. I started looking around for a 2007 copy of Delorme Street Atlas USA. Amazon has it for about $40. I was getting ready to buy it when I saw that the customer rating was kind of low. I started reading reviews, and it sounded like it had problems. One review suggested looking at Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007. Hmm… So I checked it out. I had better customer ratings, and was $10 cheaper. I went ahead and ordered it. I chose free shipping, so it will take a week or two.