While on vacation, I brought along my Palm IIIc to log my trip, write articles for my web sites, and also to have my address book stuff. The Palm IIIc is nice, has color, but it has some problems. It has a plastic body, and the back cracked. This is the second back I had had on it. Apparently this was a common problem with the IIIc. To recharge it, I have to bring along a base. And since the back is cracked, it doesn’t make good contact with the base contacts. I end up moving it around until the little light comes on.
I was looking around, I found that the Palm V had a metal body. I also saw that they make a thumbboard for the Palm V as well. I was looking at buying a Palm V, and noticed it only had 2meg of memory, opposed to my Palm IIIc which has 8meg. I saw that the Palm Vx seemed to be the same as the Palm V, but had 8meg of memory. So then I started trying to buy a Palm Vx. It took me a few days an lots of bidding on eBay, but I think I got a decent deal. I bought a Palm Vx that is supposedly a demo model, a thumboard, and metal case, modem, and charging cradle for $23.50 plus $18 shipping. It is not color like my Palm IIIc, but I really don’t need color to type in my logs. The metal body I think will be tougher for travel. I can also get a travel charger that is a transformer that has a wire that plugs into the Palm Vx, with no need for a base. Much more compact for travel. I will try the thumboard and see if I like it for typing. I am not sure if the keyboard I have for my Palm IIIc will work on the Palm Vx or not. But I can pick up a portable keyboard for cheap on eBay.