I needed to book a hotel in Buffalo for the night before the Buffalo marathon. I have procrastinated too long to do this. I would have like to have stayed at the Hyatt which is near where the race starts and ends. But it was sold out. Bummer! I checked Priceline, and it didn’t really tell me how far the hotels were away from where the races was. It only let me enter a city. I also checked Hotels.com Orbitz allowed me to enter an address. So I entered the address for the Hyatt hotel. The two nearest hotels that were udner $100 turned out to be accross the border in Canada. Ummm…I really didn’t want to deal with crossing the border on Memorial Day weekend. I found some other hotels. My wife suggested that I look for a hotel witha jaccuzi so that I could soak after the race! Excellent idea! Few of the hotels under $100 listed jaccuzis! But I found one. It was a Travelodge! It was about $88/night for the Saturday night. But the race was on Sunday. So changed it to be both Saturday and Sunday nights, and mysteriously the price of the Travelodge shot up to over $120/night! Ouch! I played with different hotels. It didn’t make sense to book the Travelodge for just Saturday night to get the Jaccuzi that I wanted to use on Sunday after the race. That hotel was also about 14 miles away. I found a room at Econo Lodge for $66, and it was only around 7 miles away from the race site. No jaccuzi though. I checked Priceline to see if they had a lower price, but it was the same. I also check Hotels.com, and it was a dollar higher. So I booked a room at the Econo Lodge through Orbitz for the one night.