I found out today that I have been accepted for the New York City Marathon. I entered the lottery for the marathon months ago. My odds of getting into the race were only like 1 in 4. But I got lucky and got in. As soon as I knew I was in, I started looking at rooms. A friend of mine had suggested the Park Savoy in New York City. She said it was only a block away from the finish line, was a no frills hotel at a relatively cheap price. I went to thier website and found the reservations page. I looked up the dates I was interested in and they shows as not available. Ack! Where the heck am I going to stay? But then I remembered that she said they might not be taking reservations for November yet. So I decided to call them. After being on hold for a few minutes a guy came on the phone. He said they had a room with two doubles. It was the last room. I took it. It was $185 a night.
I am guessing that following the lottery a lot of rooms might be freed up as people didn’t get chosen in the lottery and called to cancel their reservations. But then again, a lot of people who were picked in the lottery will be reserving those rooms. Well I got a room.
I still need to figure out how to get to New York City. Do I drive, fly, take a train. I have never been there and have to figure out the best way to get there, and get around. Maybe take a train, and then a cab to the hotel? Once we get to the hotel, I think we will be okay. I will need to talk to some of my friends who go to NYC.