I have never used Priceline before. Actually that is not true. I once bid for a flight one time, and my offer wasn’t accepted. But this time I was looking to book a hotel. I saw a Priceline comercial on TV this afternoon with William Shatner getting a lower price for a hotel. So I thought I would take a look. My wife and were looking to book a hotel room for our anniversary. We were thinking of something with a view of Niagara Falls, and that had a hot tub. My wife had looked at a few places, and we were seeing prices where the frist day was $500-$600, and the second day would be around $150-$200.
So I went to Priceline and tried the bid feature. But it didn’t seem to give me an option of what features I wanted in a room. So then I went to the non-bid part. I am not sure how I found it, but I found that the Marriott Niagara Fallsview Hotel & Spa had a room for $145/night that had a view of the Canadian & American Falls! And the room had a whirlpool that fits 2! I showed my wife, and she liked it. In fact we decided that it would be cool to staty for three days, instead of just two. I originally looked at a Sunday check in, and a Tuesday check out. Then I tweaked it to a Saturday check in, and the price jumped to $179/night. So I changed it to a Sunday check in and a Wednesday checkout. The price dropped back to $145/night. I went ahead and booked it. Of course there were various taxes and fees added, but I still think we got a good deal. I think it will be a fun and romantic anniversary!