I was just reading on CNN that on Wednesday (4/19/06), they had to evacuate the security area of the Atlanta airport for a bomb scare. We went through that airport just the day before. Apparently the guy screening the carry on luggage saw an image of a suspicious device. He notified a supervisor, and they manually checked all of the bags on the converyor. When they couldn’t find anything that resembled the image on the screen, they called in the bomb squad. They evactuated the security area for two hours while they searched for the device. It turned out the device didn’t actually exist. The image displayed was part of a test. There should have been a delay, and then a message should have popped up saying “This is a test.” But due to a computer glitch, the test message never displayed.
I am not sure how much it would have affected us as we flew into Atlanta, and then flew out again. So we were already in the secured area, and never passed through the part where they x-rayed our bags in Atlanta, as they had already been x-rayed in Ft. Lauderdale. Still it would have been a hassle. And we had a three hour layover in Atlanta already, so that would have given us some room.