On our way to Acadia park, we passed a huge book store named Big Chicken Barn Books. We had already hit a bunch of used book stores yesterday, and weren’t ready for another. But we headed back today to check it out. They claim to be the biggest used book store in Maine. After being in there, I am guessing they are probably telling the truth. The pamphlet says they have 21,000 square foot of books and antiques.
I headed to the sports section to check out martial arts books (my current focus). They had three of them of them, that I already owned. They have tons of other books though. I scanned the hardcover fiction section which was huge. I looked mainly for the authors I collect but nothing jumped out at me. As a bookscout, I am sure that there are some steals in there for someone willing to spend the time to look. I am on vacation.
I did buy a book on bicycle repair for $3.
If you like used bookstores, and are visiting Acadia Park in Maine, you should stop here.
Big Chicken Barn Books is located at 1768 Bucksport Road, Ellsworth, ME 04605. (207) 667-7308.