I was watching TV the other night, and saw a commercial for Hilton Hotels. Apparently the series of commercials is called Hilton Journeys, and this particular commercial os named Jordan. But what caught my attention was that they used the song Landed by Ben Folds. I am a huge Ben Folds fan, and I like the song Landed which is off of his album Songs For Silverman. They used the main chorus of the song:
‘Till I opened my eyes and walked out the door
And the clouds came tumbling down
And it’s bye-bye goodbye I tried
And I twisted it wrong just to make it right
Had to leave myself behind
And I’ve been flying high all night
So come pick me up
I’ve landed…

The commercial itself is made up of animated line art and is pretty cool. They have an associated web site at hiltonjourneys.com. It is currently playing the snippet of Ben Folds’ Landed in a loop when you visit the site. They have a tag line of “Travel is more than just A to B”.