Monday we had made a detour to Portland, ME to stop at BJ’s Wholesale to get some new tires on my car (after we discovered my front tires were nearly bald). While they working on my car, I stopped into the store, and bought some new jeans. After I got the jeans, I headed back to the waiting room.
We were about 30 miles down the road on our way towards Bar Harbor when I realized that I had left the jeans on a chair in the waiting room. I wasn’t going to drive back 30 miles just to get the jeans.
We left Bar Harbor this morning, and it was going to take us through Portland, ME. I decided to route us passed the BJ’s Wholesale to see about my jeans. I wasn’t quite sure what they would have done with them. I have left the receipt in the folds of the pants. We easily found the BJ’s, and I headed into the auto service area. I didn’t see the guy who had helped us on Monday. But on the counter behind the desk I saw a pair of jeans. I walked up to the counter, pointed at the jeans and said I think those are mine. The guy went to hand them to me, and I asked are the W32 L32? The guy looked and said yeah. He handed them to me, and I took them out to the car. While we were there, I also bought some M&Ms to take with me for my race on Sunday.
I am glad I was able to get my jeans back. It would have sucked a little to have spent $23 on jeans, and to have lost them that fast because of my own stupidity. I am glad they were honest!