My wife and I stayed at the Antiochian Village Conference and Retreat Center in Bolivar, PA this last weekend. It’s actually located on the outskirts of Ligonier, PA. We were invited to a wedding that was to take place there, as well as the reception. It was nice to be able to stay at the same place where the wedding and reception was held. We were able to walk to wedding, and walk back to the room after the reception.
The rooms were very clean. Cleaner than most hotels I think. One of the first thinks we noticed was there was not a TV in the room. There were two double beds, another single bed, a desk, a table, night stand, etc. My complained that the beds were too hard, but I found them comfortable.
The bathroom was basic with a sink, bathtub/shower. Again, it was clean. Small soaps were provided, but no shampoos, lotions, etc that are often found in hotels. There were plenty of towels and wash clothes though.
We explored the site to see what else was there. I think the site is used largly for religeous type meetings and things. The walls are covered with religeous pictures. The rooms all seem to be dedicated to the memory of someone or other.
There were no TVs in the rooms, but there were two TV rooms with couches, games, and coffee makers. The TV’s were un cable, but the reception was fuzzy. Like that had a loose wire or something.
There was also a fitness room, though it was locked when we found it on Friday night. When I walked by on Saturday afternoon it was unlocked, and contained some nice workout equipment. There were a couple treadmills, an exercise bike, etc. But by this time I didn’t have time to workout. Too bad I hadn’t found it unlocked in the morning.
There was also a recreation room with a pool table and ping pong table. My wife and I played ping pong for a couple minutes but gave up when it became apparent that my wife could barely hit the ball, much less get back over the net.
The grounds were nice, with a small pond and fountain out back. There is also a small garden with a bench to sit and look out over the water.
The facility also has various meeting rooms. The reception was held in one of them.
There was a grassy area across the road that has a pavillion. There was a group having a BBQ over there when we got in Friday evening. We found out later that it was people from our group. If we had only known.
They list WiFi on their website as being located in the Library and Lobby Lounge. I didn’t know this at the the time though. I was able to connect to the wifi intermittently from our room. It was a very weak signal. I was able to logon, and check my email and stuff.
All in all, it seemed like a nice place, and I wouldn’t mind staying there again. I do wish they had TV’s in the rooms though.
The Antiochian Village Conference and Retreat Center is located at 140 Church Camp Trail, Bolivar, PA 15923. Their telephone is 724-238-3677.