Our 13th wedding anniversary is coming up in April, and I am trying to find an idea for a romantic anniversary getaway. My wife is between jobs, and looking to go back to school. Her job schedule limited the things we could do before. But now she has time to do stuff. But now since we only have one income and the potential for large school tuitions coming, we are limited to how much we can afford.
She was looking at hotels that overlook Niagara Falls, and that have hot tubs in the rooms. A couple days in one of these can be pricey. The first night seems to run about $500 or more, with the second night being cheaper at under $200. Maybe to encourage you to stay more than one night? Or maybe they have to clean the hot tub after every change in occupents? I don’t know.
My wife was also looking at bed & breakfasts up in the Adirondacks. These also were not cheap. I have thought it might be fun to go up to the Adirondacks and do some mountain climbing. I would like to climb the 46 high peaks. My wife is not yet in shape enough to climb any of them however.
I have been playing with the idea of a 7 day Carnival cruise. As a past guest, we can get some relatively good prices on cruises. After September we can do a 7 day cruise for about $500 each for an inside cabin. But if things work out, she will be in school in Setember. Besides, our anniversary is in April. The prices fro April start at about $700 each. Still a good price. But then you have to add airfare, and taxes, and ground transportation, parking at local airport, gratuities, and all the money that we are likely to spend aboard ship. Then add all those expensive excursions. Quickly the cost of a cruise adds up. But I would love to do a cruise. Who knows when we will have time to do one again. Maybe for a 15th wedding anniversary.
We already have a trip planned for June to go back to Seattle to visit family. So maybe just a less expensive trip.
I will have to do more research into the Adirondaks.