We were staying at the KOA campground in Twin Mountain, NH and wanted to find something to eat. When traveling, we try to eat at local restaurants, and avoid chains, and places that we can eat at back home. We asked the people at the KOA where to find a good restaurant. The first place they mentioned was Angelica’s, and then they went on to list a bunch more. I thought he said that Angelica’s was only 4 minutes away. It turned out to be about 8 miles away. We decided to try them. We were the only customers at first, though another group showed up a little after we did.
The menu is primarily seafood. Another thing my wife and I do is try to order different things. She ordered the fish and chips. I wasn’t sure what to order, so I asked the waitress what she recommended. She said that Scallops Sinclair is the most ordered dish. So I ordered the Scallops Sinclair. I got a salad with mine, and got a choice of potato. I ordered the fries. The salad was small and simple but good. Then came the real food. The scallops were delicious! I am not even sure I have ever had scallops before. But they were excellent. My wife’s fish and chips were excellent. The fish was cooked perfectly!
We don’t usually eat dessert, but I was eager to see what they had. The choices were carrot cake, apple pie, and something called chocolate tornado, I asked the waitress, and she rattled off all the chocolate it had in it. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate syrup, and some other chocolate, served with whip cream. We ordered one to split between the two of us. This thing was decadent! It is very rich, and is a chocolate lover’s dream! If you like chocolate, you gotta come here just for that (not sure how often they have it).
But as a seafood restaurant, they are excellent. And the prices were reasonable especially when compared to some of the other local restaurants.
Angelica’s is located at 2085 Main, Bethlehem, NH 03574. (603) 869-5420