I love the idea of The Amazing Race. When they originally announced The Amazing Race, I thought that sounds really cool! A travel reality show! But then I started watching the first season of The Amazing Race and I was very disapointed. What really bugs me is that the producers have engineered into The Amazing Race, stuff that will keep the race even. For example, the lead team is hours ahead, and then they arrive of some place that is closed. Then they have to wait till morning for it to open, meanwhile all the of the other teams catch up. Or maybe there is only one flight out per day, so the lead team arrives, and then has to wait while all of the other teams catch up. It is impossible for a team to get far enough ahead that the other teams cannot catch them. I see the reasoning for this. If one team was so far ahead that the other teams could not catch up, The Amazing Race would start losing viewers mid-season. That would cost the show money. But to me, seeing a team many hours ahead arriving at some place when it is closed, then seeing all of the other teams slowly arrive, catching up. It just seems rigged. So anytime a team has a huge lead, it doesn’t matter in the long run, because the producers have already planned in spots to slow them down so that every other team can catch up. So the only time I ever watch The Amazing Race is when my wife has it on. Otherwise, I wouldn’t watch it at all.
Maybe one of these days, someone will come up with another travel race show that be more interesting. I would like to see something that allows the competitors to try to find their own creative ways to get from place to place to place. Maybe have a bunch of check points, and the teams are on their own as how to get from one place to the next. Almost like a Cannonball Run of a travel show. Now that might be an Amazing Race!