I was flipping through the TV channels. I watched Jerry McGuire for a while (for the umpteenth time). Then I switched channels, and stopped on Airline on A&E. I have seen it before on occasion. Sometimes the people on the show tick me off. On one episode, they booted two guys off of the plane. One guy apparently had been drinking. The only thing the other guy appeared to have done was to be sitting next to the guy who been drinking. The captain apparently said kick those two guys off of the plane, and that was it. And just because he was in the wrong place, he got kicked off, and had to wait till the next day. He was pissed off, but then again, I don’t blame him. If I got booted off of a plane for nothing I have done, I would be pissed off too! I wonder if there is some kind of recourse for a situation like this.
On this show, I see many people get kicked off of the planes for having been drinking. I have yet to see them actually give breathalizer or anything. If the Southwest Airlines person thinks the person has been drinking, thats apparently enough. What if the person has some sort of neurological thing going on. Yet, I did see them allow some old guy on the plane who was joking with the staff, and he seemed drunk as a skunk.
Frankly, seeing these bozo’s at Southwest Airlines, makes me not want to fly on that airline at all. Many of the Southwest employees really seem to like abusing their power.