I needed to buy airline tickets for a trip we are taking next month. I have been putting it off, but decided I better buy them. I got an email from Travelocity advertising a low price of $203 to fly from Rochester to Seattle round trip. But after working with their system and it showing me a bunch of date that weren’t even available, I just got ticked off. Travelocity has the most user unfriendly system! I have nothing but problems with them. I like the gnome, the Travelocity website is a PITA!
I went and checked Orbitz. I first put in dates for a two week trip, leave on a Saturday, fly back on a Sunday. The prices were a little pricey. I the put in fly out on Saturday, fly back on a Monday. The prices came down. I checked Priceline and Expedia, but Orbitz looked like they had the best prices. I considered using Priceline’s thing where you choose the price, but it just scares me. Maybe I should try it some time, and just pick low prices.
I found a low price of $268 on Orbitz for doable dates, so I selected it. Their system worked for a bit, and told me the prices had changed, and showed me new prices starting at over $300. The same flights were listed, just more expensive. Ugh! I kept playing with it, trying different dates, such as leave on a Thursday, return on a Monday. I tried the nearby airports option. I found a great deal flying out of Rochester, and flying back into Buffalo! But my car would be in Rochester, not Buffalo! LOL!
I started playing with flying out of Buffalo. The prices got better. I finally found a good price for flying out of Buffalo on a Saturday afternoon, and then flying out of Seattle on a Monday night. We will sometimes fly out of Buffalo if the prices are worthwhile. Never in the winter though. In the winter, there is too much risk of a snow storm or something. But I am doubting there will be a blizzard in June!