After looking at some other campgrounds, we decided to stay at the KOA in Acadia. We stopped in to the office. We asked about a campsite, and how much it would cost. The two women here also couldn’t easily tell us what a camp site cost. The one did tell us the best tent site was about $56/night. That was down by the water. I asked about a site not by the water. It turns out they have a couple locations. One location was by the water, and one was in the woods. The sites in the woods were cheaper. She gave us a price under $40 for the site in the woods with electricity and water. We decided get the site in the woods with power. She booked us for three nights, and gave us directions. They were very friendly. And when we asked them about restaurants they tried to help us, even though they were from out of the area. They recounted us with every place they had eaten in the week they had been here. LOL!
We headed down to our site only to find that the site they gave us didn’t have power. We returned to the office, and they apologized for the goof. They moved us to a site with power which was the $40 price, but they did it for no charge.
The site was pretty basic. It was near the restrooms, and had electric, water, and even a cable TV hookup.
The bathrooms and showers are clean, and I thought it was cool that when you go into the shower, you can close and lock the door (it’s not one of those flimsy swinging doors with a latch that someone can just reach under and take your stuff).
Wi-fi was available right from our camp site with a very strong signal. Unlike the KOA in Twin Mountain, NH, I didn’t need a special code to connect to it.