What is up with these aborted landings? I have never had a plane abort a landing before this trip. But then during this trip we have had two aborted landings.
Our flight into Seattle which was delayed, started to descend, and shortly before touchdown, the plane lifted back into the air, and took about 20 minutes to come around for another try. We never found out why, but my wife suspected the runway wasn’t cleared of something.
Then our very next flight from Seattle to Philadelphia aborted the landing. We didn’t get as low to the ground as we did coming into Seattle. The captain came on the intercom and said that the tower had given them high minimums and they hadn’t seen the runway. Not sure what high minimums are. I will have to ask my brother-in-law who is a pilot. Anyway, he said we would have to come around for another try which would take about 10 minutes.
I am not sure whether these aborted landings are flukes, or if we should actually be concerned.