Our visit to Grand Cayman was in 2004 as a Carnival cruise ship port of call. The cruise ships don’t dock at Grand Cayman, but will park out away from the island. Passengers are tendered to and from the island on small boats. Grand Cayman being surrounded by reefs chose not to tear them up just to allow the ships to dock. I think it is a wise choice considering that Grand Cayman is known for it’s diving and spectacular reefs. We chose to do an excursion through Carnival. We traveled in a bus to our first stop which was Hell. Hell is a little dot on the island who’s distinction is being named Hell. There is an interesting field of rock that looks like lava rock, but isn’t. They have a few cutouts of the devil among the rocks. I got my picture taken with devil statue in front of the rock field. I bought a couple postcards and mailed them off from the little Hell post office. The one I sent to my work said "Wish you all were here!", and it was postmarked Hell.
Our next stop was the turtle farm where they raise sea turtles. They had turtles of different kinds. One type of turtle was green as apparently this type of turtle thinks that if it can’t see danger, danger can’t see it. So it would hide it’s head between a couple rocks with it’s body completely visible. It is endangered…and really stupid. We got hold some turtles too. They had a small store, and my wife bought a turtle snow globe, and a turtle thimble.
Next door to the turtle farm was the Tortuga Rum factory store. I sampled some different types of run cake. YUMMY! They were really good. I ended up buying some for us, and some as gifts.
Our next stop was Stingray City to swim with the stingrays. We boarded boats, and took a half hour ride to the site. You can’t wear flippers as the flippers might harm the stingrays. The site is a submerged sand bar that I was able to stand on. The stingrays swam around us, and would brush up against us. We were able reach out and touch them as they swam by. They are relatively tame now and used to people. We got pictures of us holding a stingray. The photographer was a cute girl in a string bikini and a great tan. Very hot. We were at the stingray site for twenty or thirty minutes before we headed back in. The buses took us back to the pier.
My wife and I them spent some time shopping at the many stores near the pier. I was looking at watches, but never really found anything that appealed to me. We bought a bunch of Tortuga Rum, mostly as gifts, but also with amind to make some rum cake if I can find a recipe that tastes like the Tortuga Rum Cakes. I especially love the banana!
Grand Cayman is a wonderful place. It is especially known for scuba diving. Unfortunatly with childhood ear problems I have been told I am not allowed to dive.