6 Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA (near Los Angeles) has the largest concentration of exciting roller coasters of any amusement park I have ever been to. I first visited Magic Mountain when I was a kid. That was before it became 6 Flags Magic Mountain. That probably around 1976 because the Revolution was new. It was one of the first rollercoasters with a loop. The other rollercoasters were exciting as well. It was at that time the best park for rollercoaster I had been to.
My next visit to Magic Mountain (which was now called 6 Flags Magic Mountain) was in 2005. The park kept up it’s enthusiasm for cutting edge rollercoasters, and had all kinds of great one.
Here is a list of some of my favorites:
Viper-This coaster is filled with loops and twists and turns from beginning to end.
X-I have never been on another coaster like it. The seats are outside the car, and turn so sometimes you are upside down going forward, and sometimes you are rightside up going backwards.
Deja Vu-This thing cranks you up backwards until you being held suspended looking straight down. Then it drops you and you go through the whole track. It then cranks you up forward, then drops you again. You then go through the whole track backwards.
The Riddler’s Revenge-You actually can go through this rollercoaster standing up. The taller you are, the more thrilling it is. And I am just over 6 foot tall! This was very cool!
Superman The Escape-The quietly and smoothly accelerates you down a straight track and you shoot straight up into the air!
Colossus-This one looked cool, but it was closed most of the day that I was there.

Psyclone-DISHONORABLE MENTION! AVOID THIS PIECE OF ….! It is more likely to cause you injury than give you enjoyment. Unless you actually like being beaten up.

If you like thrilling rollercosters, you have to go to 6 Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA!