We were Tupper Lake for the Tupper Lake Tinman. I had a friend who was staying out in Saranac Lake. We were going to meet up for dinner. The original plan was to eat at a place out in Lake Placid named Pasta La Vista. But when my wife and I arrived in Lake Placid, we found Pasta La Vista was out of business. Bummer. I loved the name. My buddy and his friend hadn’t arrived yet, so I called him. He discussed it with his friend, and it was decided we go to a place called Nicola’s. Fortunatly it was less than a block away. So my wife and I walked there. We went in and got a table.
Eric and his friend Bob showed up shortly.

My wife and I have already been looking through the menu. One thing we noticed was that they don’t do separate checks. Hmm… So my wife and I quickly checked how much cash we had. Only about $55 in cash on us. I would have liked to have had a steak, but couldn’t afford it. I was going to have pasta then. I couldn’t decide which one. I asked the waited for a recommendation. He recommended the Bolognese Pasta, so I ordered that. My wife ordered the We also ordered a Vongole which had clams and linguine. We also ordered a caesar salad to split. Oh, and I ordered a diet coke.

The caesar salad was excellent. But the Bolognese Pasta, was just okay. Kind of bland. My wife was not thrilled with the Vongole either. She said the clams were good, but the pasta was missign something. I tried her pasta and agreed. My coke was empty, and I asked for a refill. After a bit I asked again. After asking the third time, I finally got it. We also had to ask for the bill. When the bill came, we set about figuring out who owed how much. I foudn they charged me for the 2nd coke. Grumble.

So the service sucked. Other than the caesar salad, the food was not all that great, and was priced on the high side too. Pretty much, I did not like this restaurant and cannot recommend it at all.

Nicola’s is located at 211 Main St, Lake Placid, NY 12946. Their phone number is 518-523-5853. They have a website: http://www.nicolasandgrill211.com