When planning our trip to Boston, I was a little nervous about how to get around. How to get from Waltham where we we staying, into downtown Boston. Not only for the marathon on Monday morning, but to the expo on Sunday. I am used to going to places, where I can drive to, and park my car. I like places with free parking. But this was not a good option in Boston.
My friend who is a local, said that we could take the T (subway). Fortunatly, I had some friends who had gotten into Boston a day earlier, and had already ridden the T, so we didn’t have to figure it out ourselves.
We simply drove our car to the T station, and parked. Parking was something like $6 for the day. On Marathon day when my wife went to park at the T station, the lot was full, and she had to park on a nearby side street.
There were machines at the T station where we could purchase tickets, or a “charlie card”. We got the charlie card. The machines allow you to put a certain dollar amount on the card. We figure that we would be riding the T about 4 times each, so we put enough money on the card for 8 rides. The rides cost $1.75 each I think.
When you want to get on the T, you go through a turnstile. You just touch the charlie card to the little sensor, and go through. The T’s seem to run pretty often. We didn’t ever have to wait very long. So we never bothered looking at a schedule. When starting at the outskirts of the T routes, the T’s are fairly empty. But as you get closer in to the city, they get more and more crowded.
The opposite is true when coming out of the city. There was one time where the train was so full, that we had to wait for the next one. But that was only a few minutes. Then as you get farther from the city, the T gets emptier and emptier.
Overall, getting around was not nearly as stressfull as I thought it might be.
Though there was the time after the marathon whne we went to get on the T, and a cop turned us away from the T station, saying it was full. We turned about to hobble to the next station (about 4 blocks away), when the station we were at, suddenly opened. I was not thrilled about that whole situation.
The trick is finding the the T stations. I never had to find the stations myself. I was always with people who knew where the stations were. I might not be able to find them myself easily.