The 407 ETR is apparently a Canadian version of a speed trap! A complete rip-off! Literally highway robbery! I never even wanted to drive on this road! I was driving along the QEW towards Toronto. I was staying in the far right lane obeying the speed limit because all the Canadians were driving about 20 over! So I was driving the speed limit, and staying out of people’s way when I find my lanes leaving the QEW onto some other road. The only signs I saw for this were right at the exit, when it was too late to do anything. I was forced to drive way the hell out of my way, and it added 20 or more minutes to my trip trying to get back to the QEW. I was upset at the time about the lousy signage at this exchange.
Now to add insult to injury, I got a bill in the mail yesterday from this 407 ETR. They charged me $7.24 to drive on that piece of crap road that I never wanted to be on in the first place! Apparently ETR stands for Express Toll Route. EXPRESS? It added 20 minutes to my drive! The actual toll charge was $1.09. Then there was the "video toll charge" of $3.60! I never even saw a frigging toll booth! And the "account fee" of $2.55! Great an account for a road I never wanted to be on, and never want to drive on again!
Reading online, it sounds like this 407 ETR was bought by a private company. So they can charge whatever they frigging want to. I am wondering if there was graft and bribes to the Canadian government to make sure there was lousy signage on the QEW that would help funnel American tourists on to their rip-off road!?!?!
I still have to figure out how to pay the rip-off fee. They want me to pay in Canadian funds which would be hard with an American check. I think I can pay online via credit card. I wonder if they will charge me a "credit card fee" for paying by credit card. Maybe they will charge me a fee for having an account that I don’t want. Of course, they probably have an account closure fee! WHAT A RIP-OFF!