My wife and I wanted to go camping on labor day weekend. I only started looking a couple weeks ahead. Needless to say our choices were somewhat restricted. I was hoping to find a campsite wih electrical hookups, but they were all taken, at least up in the area where we wanted to camp.
I narrowed the choice to Eel Weir and Jaques Cartier state parks. I went with Eel Weir State Park. I liked the fact that we would be camp right on the river. I was suprised to find the campground only about half full. The sites were kind of close together, and not separated by much. Most of the sites on by the river are actually across the road from the river with the exception of a couple sites that are directly along the river. Ours was one of the ones across the road. But we were close enough.
I liked the river, and enjoyed fishing there. Unfortunatly due to weather condition prior to our arrival, the fishing was just so-so. I did catch a small bass, and lost one.
The biggest issue is the nearby metal grated bridge. Everytime a vehicle goes over the bridge, there was a loud deep rumbling whine that lasted 4-6 seconds. If one of the Amish wagons went over the bridge, it was much louder, and lasted much longer. Fortunatly they weren’t out driving their wagons in the middle of the night. But there were cars and truck going over it. And there was what sounded like drag racing going on late one night.
The restrooms were a little dirty. There was only one shower in the men’s bathroom, and one in the women’s (so my wife tells me). The men’s shower was not pleasant. It seemed to only have ove temperature and that was just a touch too hot.
While we enjoyed ourselves, I doubt we will stay here again. There are lot of other campgrounds out there, and I am sure there plenty that are nicer than this one.