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We were staying at Eel Weir State Park, and looking for some place to eat lunch. I fired up my Tom Tom GPS and searched points of interest for restaurants near my position. There were of course McDonalds and Burger King, but we can eat there when we are at home. We wanted to eat something different, most likely local. I found various places including a Chinese place, a sub place and a pizza place. Those weren’t anything that appealed to us at the moment. We also needed a place where we could take our dog, or at least leave our dog in the car for a minimal amount of time.
One of the places in the list was named Fish’er Chips. That jumped out at us. Both of us being from the Seattle area, grew up eating Fish & Chips at places like Ivar’s! So we both thought that was a great idea.
I used my GPS to get us there, and we found it no problem. The seascape painted on the side of the building help identify the place. Fish’er Chips was a small place. There was a small amount of seating inside, but there was also seating outside. My wife and I were the only customers when we arrived, but a bunch of people showed up shortly to get ice cream at the ice cream portion of the restaurant. We both ordered the Fish and Chips, I the small, and my wife the large. The small one comes with one piece of fish, and the large with two pieces. The plan was that we would split the second piece of fish. Our order didn’t take long. We took out orders outside to eat at the covered picnic tables so we could take our dog out of the car. The guy (who I believe was Steven Fisher, the owner) brought out condiments for us. I was very impressed with the service. He also seemed to care about what we thought of the food. The food was very good. The fish was haddock lightly breaded. The breading was sort of sweet tasting. And the fries that we got were also very good, and plentiful. I would eat here again. The ice cream also looked good, and seemed to be popular with the locals.
Fish’er Chips & Ice Cream is located at 608 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, NY 13669. There phone number is 315-393-3473.

My wife and I wanted to go camping up in St Lawrence county. There are some places for rock hunting up there that we wanted to check out. I went to Reserve America and started searching for campgrounds up in that area. There were a bunch, including a couple on islands that appear to only be reachable by boat. I was hoping to find a campsite with electric, but they were mostly booked. There was a KOA campground that had sites with electric, but they cost more than I wanted to spend. And the only thing I really need electric for was to maybe run my laptop. And I really don’t need it. It would have been nice.
So I started looking at simple tent sites which is what we will be camping in anyway. I pretty much narrowed it down to Eel Weir State Park or Jacques Cartier State Park. Jacques Cartier State Park seemed bigger with more stuff. They had a beach with swimming. All the sites near the water were booked. Eel Weir State Park had sites right on the water available. It supposedly also has excellent bass fishing. I haven’t fished much for years and thought it might be fun. I went ahead and booked a site on the water at Eel Weir. I also bought a fishing license. So hopefully I will get to do a little fishing while I am there.
Of course we will also do some rock hunting while we are there. There is supposed to be tourmaline and some other gemstones up in the area.

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