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This last weekend we were flipping through the TV channels looking for something to watch, and we found a show called Cash And Treasures on the Travel Channel. We had never seen it before. They were having a marathon showing a bunch of episodes all in a row. So we watched the show while doing other stuff like cooking dinner, etc. It was pretty cool.
The premise of the show, is this woman named Becky goes to different places looking for treasures of different kinds. Each episode is 30 minutes. Most of them are stuff accessable to normal people. In one episode she goes panning for gold, and another she joins a guy going after sunken treasure. A few episodes that really sparked my interest were ones where she went after Sunstones in Oregon, and Amethyst in Georgia. Also of interest werer Thunder Eggs (Geodes) in New Mexico, and Meteorites in Kansas. There are some other episodes listed on the website that I didn’t see, where they go after Diamonds, Aquamarines, Sapphires, and Opals.
I suggested to my wife, that maybe we organize a vacation around one of these locations. She liked to idea. So I will have to do some research. Maybe record the shows next time they are on, and watch them a little more closely.

I have lived in the Rochester area for over 13 years now. I have eaten Dinosaur BBQ many times, but I have never actually gone there for a sit down meal. Often I will eat leftovers from catered meeting at work. Sometimes I would stop in and get a couple pulled pork sandwiches to go. I stopped doing this when the nearby parking garage changed their evening and weekend rates from 45 cents an hour, to a flat fee of $4. It just seemed like a rip off to pay $4 to park for 20 minutes so I could get food.
Anyway, my niece was in town, and we decided to take her downtown to Dinosaur BBQ. It was during the day, so the parking fee wasn’t a problem. Fortunatly there was room in the parking. I was concerned they might be full.
They were pretty busy, but there was an open table, and we were quickly seated. The walls are covered with license plates, and move posters.
There were a ton of BBQ choices. I ordered the pulled pork and rib combo. My wife order a sampler which had chicken, pork, and beef. My niece ordered some kind of portabello mushroom sandwich.
Our food came after abit. I thought the pulled pork would be on a sandwich, but it wasn’t. It was good anyway. The ribs were great. I sampled my wife chicken, and beef, and they were good. Everything was very good. I have always enjoyed Dinosaur’s macaroni salad. And today was no exception. One thing I miss however with the salt potatoes. Apparently they don’t do them everyday in the restaurant. They do them for the catered stuff though.
While not the greatest BBQ I have ever had, Dinosaur BBQ ranks in the top 3 or 4 at least.
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is located at 99 Court Street, Rochester, NY 14604. Phone 585-325-7090.
They also have a location in Syracuse, NY, but I have never visited that location.

We were staying at a place called Uncle Howie’s General Store. They serve some food such as pizza, but I asked about any good restaurants in the area. They said there was one about 20 minutes in one direction, and another about 20 in the other direction. They also mentioned one that we should avoid. The Oxbow Inn was one of the restaurants they suggested. And since it was in the direction of a place we were going to visit, we chose it.
The Oxbow Inn was very easy to find. The parking lot was packed, but we found a spot to park. We went inside, and got our name on a waiting list. The girl said it would just be a few minutes (actually it closer to 10 or 15 minutes). We waited in the bar area. The place was filled with many local people, as well as many seasonal visitors. Signs on the walls of the bar area advertised a raffle for a rifle, a fishing tournament, and bingo down at the fire hall. Another sign on the wall said to file a complaint, press the red button…which was strategically placed in the trigger of a miniature bear trap.
After a bit, we were seated. We were given the specials. I decided to order one of the specials which was scallops and linguine in a heavy cream sauce. My wife ordered the sesame chicken. Along with our meals, we also got the soup and salad bar. I got some of the potato/garlic soup which was very good, and reminiscent of clam chowder. We both got salads.
Then our entrees came. The bowl that mine came in was huge. I ate the scallops first, and they were very good. Then I began to eat the linguine. It was also very good. The heavy cream sauce was like an alfredo sauce, but thinner. My wife’s sesame chicken was also very good. It came with rice and veggies.
I was full long before finishing my entrée. My wife too was filled up. They had some wonderful looking desserts, but we were full.
The Oxbow Inn is located on Route 8 near Piseco, NY 12139. Phone: 518-548-7551.

I was in town to compete in a tournament, and needed a place to stay. The tournament took place at the Westin at Forrestal Village, but they were booked solid. They had made arrangements for us to get discounts at the Lakeside Conference Center & Hotel for $125/night. The place sounded nice, but I decided to see if I could find a cheaper place online. I found the Premiere Hotel of Princeton at a significantly lower price than the Lakeside. It had a good star rating, and was much closer to the Westin. So I booked a room.
I arrived on a Friday afternoon, and found the parking lot almost empty, and a sign saying Coming Soon-Doubletree Inn. Uh oh. I was concerned that it might be closed, and I would be without a room. But they were open. I checked in and went to my room. Apparently before it was a Premiere Hotel, it was a Radisson.
The hotal looked like it had seen better days, but they were in the process of renovating. There was a perfumey odor in my room but I didn’t notice it after being in the room for a minute or two. The room was reasonably clean, but it wasn’t in emmaculate condition. Nothing major, but just small things.
The WIFI worked well, so I was happy.
I checked out the pool, and it looked nice, but I wasn’t going to go swimming before competing. And being at the party til 1:30am after the tournament, I slept in, and didn’t use it on Sunday morning either. I also checked out the fitness room. They had a decent looking treadmill, an elliptical trainer, a few stepper/climber type machines, and a excercise bike. I thought about using the treadmill for some running, but my schedule didn’t allow it.
There was an ice machine right down the hall from my room which was convenient, so I was able to keep ice in a small cooler that I had brought in with pop.
I didn’t interact with the staff much, but they seemed okay.
Would I stay here again? Maybe. I would want to see the rates of the other hotels in the area. And if they sounded nicer, and weren’t too much more, then maybe I would.

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