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I grew up less than 10 miles from the Cave Man restaurant, and somehow never ate there. I had passed it many, many times and knew exactly where it was. When I was a kid, my dad would take the salmon that he had caught down there to get it smoked.
Anyway, on this trip to the Seattle area we passed it, and I told my wife that I want to eat there. A few times throughout our trip we intended to eat there, but other things came up, and we managed not to eat there. But today we finally managed to get there for lunch. And we almost missed it again. My sister in law had suggested a place named Rooter’s Barbeque & Catering in Black Diamond, and we probably would have eaten there, but we did have the address, and didn’t see it while driving through town. So we ate at the Caveman.
The parking area was pretty full. It is not a tourist place at all. A few police officers were in line right in front of us. They smoke their own meats right there, and they have various choices of things including chicken, beef, pork and salmon. We ordered two large sandwiches, one beef and one chicken. They were each sliced in half, and we split them between us. We also got some potato salad.
I first ate half the BBQ chicken sandwich, and it was very good. Then I ate half the BBQ beef sandwich. It was good, but I liked the chicken sandwich better. The potato salad was okay, but I have had much better. I wich we had gotten the BBQ pork sandwich instead of the BBQ beef. I am thinking it might have been very good. I will pobably come back next time I am in town.
The Cave Man is located at 807 West Valley Highway, Kent, WA 98032. Phone:(253)854-1210.

Dick’s is a classic restaurant in the Seattle area. I can’t remember when I first ate there, but it was a long time ago. When I was in my late teens, my friends and I would go there and order 3 Dick’s Deluxe burgers and a shake each.
Whenever I get back to town, I try to visit one of the Dick’s Drive In locations. There are five of them:
Wallingford, 111 N.E. 45th St. 2
Capitol Hill, 115 Broadway Ave. East 3
Ballard, 9208 Holman Road N.W. 4
Lake City, 12325 30th Ave. N.E. 5
Queen Ann, 500 Queen Anne Ave. N.
Today my wife and I visited the Wallingford area. I am not as young as I used to be, so I only ordered two of the Dick’s Deluxe burgers, and of course a chocolate shake. The burgers tasted slightly different than I remembered, but were still very good. The shakes are great.
If you are ever in the Seattle area and looking for someplace quick to eat, check out any the Dick’s Drive In locations.

My wife and I left about 10:30 this morning to go hit shopping at some used book stores in Seattle. Earlier this morning I had taking out a phone book and made a list of book stores in certain areas. I didn’t plan on going to the University district thinking the used book stores there would have a lot of text books. I chose Green Lake, Greenwood Ave, and South Seattle.
First we headed to the Green Lake area. I had two book stores listed for this area. We visited both locations and found that neither of the book stores was here anymore.
No we headed to the Greenwood Ave area. There were two book stores supposed to be here. We didn’t even find a location with the address of the one, but did spot the other book store. But unfortunately there was some sort of street fair going on and there was no parking anywhere near the store. It was difficult just driving in the area.
So we headed off to South Seattle. There was supposedly a bookstore named McDonalds Book Exchange at 3633 E Marginal Way S, but what we found at the address was a place filled with produce boxes and no sign. It didn’t even look like it might be an online bookstore. Oh yeah, then we go stuck waiting for a long slow moving train that actually came to a complete stop leaving a line of cars stuck unable to go anywhere. Eventually the train started moving again, and we were able to go.
Then there were a couple of the stores were in West Seattle. The first store turned out to be not a store, but a house that was for sale. The second store actually was a book store, and there was another used bookstore a few doors down. I did buy a book here.
Then we headed on. We headed over to Airport Way. There was supposed to be a bookstore there, but there was some sort of Art Fair going on. I looked all over for parking maybe a quarter to a half mile away, and couldn’t find anything. I am not even sure if the bookstore is still there or not.
We headed over the Rainier Ave, and found yet another bookstore had bit the dust, and was now a fitness center or something.
Basically, if you are interesting of scouting out the used bookstores of Seattle, don’t frigging bother. The used book stores in Seattle suck! I spent 4 hours and only managed to visit two of them. It was a frustrating waste of time!

Often while we are on vacation we will explore antique shops and antique malls. Personally I prefer the antique malls since they usually have a lot more stuff, and a larger variety of antiques.
Usually I will roam the aisles looking for used books. If something else catches my eye, I will stop and look. My wife will wander up and down the aisles separately looking for whatever appeals to her.
For the last day we have been staying in Shoreline, WA. There seem to be no used bookstores here, but there are several antique malls. We just got back from a large one with over 250 vendors. I combed the place looking for vendors selling books. There were quite a few books there. My main interests are martial arts books, but I rarely find any of these in an antique store or mall. But I also collect modern fiction, and will sometimes find a cool under-priced book. I did find a copy of a book that my wife wanted to read (nothing collectible).
You never know what you are going to find. I found a gumball machine for $25. If I found it near home, I would have bought it. But trying to transport it back to New York would be a pain.

After discovering the largest bead store in the world was located in Lacey, WA, our travel plans changed. We had been planning on taking a ferry from Kingston to Edmonds. But now we were going to drive around.
Finding Shipwreck Beads was not too difficult. There were signs along the roads guiding us to the store. There was plenty of parking available. In the walkway leading to the entrance of the store there were beads embedded in the concrete.
We entered the store, and the place was huge. They claim to have something like 8 or 9 billion beads. Wow! I have seen other bead stores that my wife has gone to, and all of them put together would not come close to matching this place. Personally, I have no interest in beads, so I turned my wife loose, and went back to the car to play with my GPS plotting used bookstores in Tacoma. In a bit, I went back in, and my wife had only gone about one row. What scared me was that she had a cart. Not a basket, but a cart! Ouch! She showed me a room with a TV (and remote control) called the "Man Room". I told her I was going to go visit the one used book store that I found in Lacey.
When I got back, she had a small amount of beads in the cart. Okay, this didn’t look so bad. I thought she would have a lot more. She said she was about done, so we headed to the checkout.
The checkout line was slow. They need to hand enter the item numbers for each item. Also, beads that are not already bagged are placed into bags and sealed. So we had to wait in line for a while.
When we finally got to the check, my placed her small amount of beads on the counter. There was a bag of Chinese beads. The lady pulled out a few strings and informed my wife that just 3 strings would be about $10. My wife chose to only get the 3 strings of those. The beads that she had selected totaled up to over $100! Ouch! The book that I had bought while I was gone only cost 50 cents!! But I am sure m wife will be able to use the beads she got.
Shipwreck Beads is located at 8560 Commerce Place Dr NE, Lacey, WA 98516. Phone: (360) 754-2323.

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