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What is up with these aborted landings? I have never had a plane abort a landing before this trip. But then during this trip we have had two aborted landings.
Our flight into Seattle which was delayed, started to descend, and shortly before touchdown, the plane lifted back into the air, and took about 20 minutes to come around for another try. We never found out why, but my wife suspected the runway wasn’t cleared of something.
Then our very next flight from Seattle to Philadelphia aborted the landing. We didn’t get as low to the ground as we did coming into Seattle. The captain came on the intercom and said that the tower had given them high minimums and they hadn’t seen the runway. Not sure what high minimums are. I will have to ask my brother-in-law who is a pilot. Anyway, he said we would have to come around for another try which would take about 10 minutes.
I am not sure whether these aborted landings are flukes, or if we should actually be concerned.

Sometimes red eye flights are more convenient schedule-wise, or sometimes cheaper. But they can be a real pain too. But in our case the red-eye flight bought us an extra day in Seattle to visit with family, and probably also got us some cheaper air fares.
Our red eye flight last night was scheduled to depart at 11:05. But they didn’t even start boarding the plane until about 10:55. Of course we didn’t depart until closer to 11:30. The plane was full. More than full actually, it was oversold. My wife and I weren’t seated together. We were in the same row, but with 3 seats on each side of the aisle, we were both in the middle seats. But a nice lady with the window seat next to me offered to trade with my wife so then we were together. I put my headphones on and plugged into the armrest. No music. I fell asleep, and don’t even remember takeoff. I woke up a little later as they were serving drinks I got a diet coke. Still no music on the headphones. I took off the headphones, and put them away. I could have turned on my mp3 player at this point, but I went back to sleep. A little later I woke up, and my wife was playing sudoku. She said she was getting music now, but I was too tired, or lazy to get out the head phones again. There was no movie on the flight apparently. But looking at the movie scheduled for eastbound flights, it didn’t look that interesting anyway. I went back to sleep.
I woke up in the morning and we were still in the air. But looking at my watch I was guessing we were going to be arriving late. But that was okay. We had a 2 hour layover scheduled. The pressure built in my ears as we were descending. Sleep was still in my eyes. We got lower and lower, then suddenly the engines came to life, and we started going back up again. What the…? The captain came on the speaker and said the ground had given them high minimums and as they descended they hadn’t seen the runway. So we went around to try again which added another 10-15 minutes to our flight. By the time we were on the ground, we were about an hour later. So our layover got shortened to an hour. Or so we thought. As we arrive at our gate we found our flight delayed from 9:20 to 9:40. And shortly afterward they delayed it to 10:00. Then it is was delayed to 10:10. The flight ended up being delayed about an hour.

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