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My wife and I just got back from beach combing. We are here in Kingston, WA staying with my in-laws and we took their dog down for a walk along the Puget Sound shore looking for shells, interesting rocks, and sea glass. We found lots of shells, tons of rocks, though we only picked up a few small ones, and a few bits of sea glass.
Less than a month ago, we were up on Mt Desert Island, and spent some time exploring some of the beaches up there. Finding lots of shells, rocks, and a little glass.
Beach combing is relaxing, and you never know what you are going to find. And it is free! We took a zip lock bag with us, and just dropped in the shells, rocks, and glass as we found them. When we get home to New York, we will boil them in water to kill any bacteria and stuff on them, and to clean them. My wife will use them in her crafting.
We haven’t found a lot of sea glass, but it could be that we are just looking in the wrong places. Maybe out on the Pacific Coast we might find more. Right now it seems easier to find sea glass on eBay. But at least we found lots of shells. Back when I was kid, we used to find glass floats, and other interesting stuff.

This afternoon we celebrated my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. As part of the celebration, we went out to dinner with just the family. My father-in-law had chosen a restaurant named Molly Ward Gardens. The address is Poulsbo, but it is actually between Poulsbo and Port Gamble. I think it is actually closer to Port Gamble.
I never saw the menu. From the arrangements that were made, our choices were limited. For openers, we had a choice of either a salad or soup. I had the salad while my wife ordered the soup. The salad was a combination of field greens, and fruit with a vinegrette and some goat cheese. It was okay, but I would have rather have had a regular garden salad with ranch dressing. My wifes soup (vegetable soup) was very good. Spicy. I think it had some sausage in it.
Our choices for entrees were pork tenderloins, steak, or copper river salmon. I chose the copper river salmon, and my wife chose the steak.
My salmon had a chutney sauce over it. It came with some herb roasted potatoes, and snap peas. It was all excellent.
My wife’s steak was tender and had a mushroom sauce. The mushrooms were sauteed in a with garlic. There were also some garlic cloves mixed in that seemed to have been roasted or blanched. She also had what I think was potatoes au graten, and asparagus. She does like asparagus, so I ate it for her, and gave her some of my peas. Her steak was great, and her potatoes were very good as well.
If the food that we had is representitive of the stuff on the regular menu (which I am guessing it is), I would recommend this place very highly!
Molly Ward Gardens restaurant is located at 27462 Big Valley Road, Poulsbo, WA 98370. Phone: 360-779-4471.

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