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When we visit Seattle, we normally stay with family. But due to other people coming into town at the same time, we needed to stay in a hotel for a few days. I spent time looking for a hotel that was clean, and not too expensive. Many of the less expensive hotels sounded good when I read the amenities. But when I would read reviews, the hotels would sound like flea-bags. I kept searching, looking farther and farther, and at more expensive places.
I found a room available at the Econo Lodge in Federal Way for $60/night. The hotel was built in 1999, so I figured if it was only 8 years old, it couldn’t be too bad.
We arrived in the late afternoon. Check in went smoothly. The guy manning the front desk was friendly and very helpful offering us suggested of where to and not eat, places to rent bikes, and a place to work out..
We went up to our room. The elevator smelled a little funny. The smell was strong, but not too bad. Our room was on the third floor. The hallway smelled like cigarette smoke, and I was fearing that our room might smell like that too. I had booked a non-smoking room. When we got into our room, thankfully it didn’t smell like cigarettes. It did have a strong vanilla smell though. The room was reasonably clean.
I set up my laptop, and searched for wifi. The wifi provided by the hotel is through a place name Ethostream. I found it, and connected to it. I entered the user name and password provided by the hotel. Great! Wifi! But the signal was weak. And frequently it would disappear. There was also another free wifi signal available; FWWireless. When I couldn’t connect to the Ethostream, I would connect to the FWWireless. But it too would come and go. Maybe it is just being on the third floor, we are too far from the wifi base. I don’t know. But the wifi was something I was looking forward to using, and found it extremely annoying to use.
We missed the continental breakfast the first morning. But the second day we made it down. They had basic stuff: cereal, hard boiled eggs, bread and English muffins with a toaster, fruit, juice, and milk.
Would I stay here again? Probably. I would try to get a room closer to the wifi base though.
The Econo Lodge in Federal Way is located at 1505 S. 328th St, Federal Way, WA. 98003. Phone (253) 838-7700.

We had spent a few hours walking around the Pike Place Market, then we wandered down the hill to the waterfront. We were hungry, and looking for some place to eat. We considered eating at Ivars, but we had just eaten at one of the smaller Ivars restaurants the night before. We found ourselves at Pier 57, and there were a few places to eat here. The Crab Pot was one of these, and I think the only one to have their menu displayed our front. The menu looked interesting so we decided to try it.
We went in and were seated quickly. The waitress took our drink orders and brought my wife’s ice tea quickly. She came back soon afterward with my diet Pepsi, but warned me it might be flat. I tried it, and it was slightly flat. She said a guy was changing the tank, and brought me another drink shortly.
She came to take our orders. My wife wanted the Shrimp Stuffed Salmon. But I was undecided. I asked the waitress for her recommendation. She said the Seafeast was really good, but a bit much for lunch. The Seafeast is a bunch steamed shellfish of different varieties that are dumped on your table, and you are given small mallets to break them apart to eat them. She suggested either the Salmon BLT, or the Seafood Puttanesca. I said the Salmon BLT sounded weird, but she said it was really good. So I ordered the Salmon BLT. We also ordered a bowl of the clam chowder. She warned my wife that the Shrimp Stuffed Salmon would take 20 minutes to bake. We were okay with that.
Our clam chowder came, and it was very good. We polished it off in no time. Then our main food came out. My Salmon BLT was really good. The portion sizes were pretty good, and I was full before I finished my fries. My wife’s shrimp stuff salmon was excellent also.
I would love to come back here at dinner time and try the Seafeast! I recommend this place if you are in the area.
The Crab Pot is located at 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101. Phone: (206) 623-8600.

I have visited The Pike Place Market many times. And each time is like the first time. It is a maze of little shops with a bunch levels, and I still get lost in there. The market is 100 years old. And it seems like there have been additions to the additions over the years.
There are many shops with things like antiques, used books, restaurants, posters, jewelry, and fresh fish. There was even a little shop filled with stuff for left handed people. On the street level there are venders selling fresh vegetables, jewelry, crafts, and many other things. Also located at the street level is the world famous Pike Place Fish Market where they throw fish. We didn’t get to see them throw fish this trip, but I am sure if we had waited around for a few minutes they would have been throwing some salmon or something.
Nearby the fish market is Marketspice. This place sells pretty much any spice you can think of. They also sell tea, and tea paraphernalia.
There is also another separate building with more little shops, and food places. I hadn’t been to these before, but we visited some of these shops today. We stopped at one little bakery and bought a cinnamon roll with chunks of apple baked into it. It was pretty good.
If you ever get to downtown, you should spend a little time at the Pike Place Market.

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