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The Seattle waterfront is a fun place to visit. It is definitely geared towards tourists. There multiple stairways or other ways down to the waterfront from Pike Place Market.
The waterfront is lined with various piers, each having it’s own little collection of stores, or restaurants.
One of the highlights of the waterfront is The Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. This used to be just one store, but has split up into a couple stores located about a half block from each other. One of the most famous exhibits on the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is Sylvester, who is a mummy. They have also added Sylvia, a female mummy. There are also some taxidermied two-headed animals. There are plenty of trinkets and souvenirs to buy. You can also buy fudge here that my wife swears is the best.
The best known restaurant along the waterfront is Ivar’s. There is a small stand along the street where you can order food to go. And inside is a more expensive, fine-dining version of Ivar’s.
Also located on the waterfront is The Seattle Aquarium. I have been here a couple times, but not for a few years or more. It is among one of the best aquariums I have been to. My wife and I actually considered having our wedding here.
There are many more stores and restaurants along the waterfront, too many to list here. There are also many sculptures or other interesting things to look at while walking along the waterfront.

We were wanted to get some dinner and were looking for a restaurant. We weren’t sure what we want, but we did know we wanted to eat something local. We went for a drive to see what was around the local mall. Then we saw it. Ivar’s Seafood Bar! We had forgotten there was one here. The decision was easy, and we pulled.
Ivar’s is a local chain. The main restaurant is located near downtown Seattle on the waterfront. It is a larger fancier restaurant. But around the Seattle area, there are many smaller, fast-food versions of Ivars restaurant.
We parked and went inside. They have expanded the menu, and added some many higher end food choices. We ordered a bowl of clam chowder to share. Ivar’s has excellent clam chowder. I ordered the fish and chips. My wife ordered fried clams and chips. Both were very good.
If you are lookng for some good but inexpensive seafood, you can find Ivars Seafood Bars scattered around the Seattle area.

The Seattle area is known for coffee. Coffee shops are everywhere. But something they aren’t widely known for is teriyaki. There are also teriyaki shops all over the place. And I am not talking the fancy Japanese restaurants. I am talking great fast food type teriyaki.
We had planned to eat at The Rainier Roaster at the Southcenter Mall. But they are doing construction and expanding the mall. And in the process, the food court no longer exists. Hence, Rainier Roaster no longer exists. Bummer! They had awesome roast beef and Caesar salads.
So we were hungry, and looking for someplace to eat. My wife suggested teriyaki. There had been a teriyaki place across the street from the mall. I used to eat there sometimes when I lived up the hill. So we went over and sure enough, the teriyaki place was still there. It is named Teriyaki Time. I have only eaten at this Teriyaki Time, but a google search shows that there are a handful of other places name Teriyaki Time, so it might be a small local chain.
Teriyaki Time is a small place and is tucked away. It is not a tourist place at all and is frequented by locals. You can tell the have a lot of regulars.
We ordered teriyaki chicken, and teriyaki beef. Each came with a small bit of salad, and two big balls of white rice. There was soy sauce, and teriyaki sauce on the table too. The chicken and beef were great examples of the type of teriyaki that you find in many of the teriyaki places. I want to find a place that has teriyaki chicken burgers. Anyway, the salad was simple lettuce with a miracle whip type dressing. The teriyaki was very good. I drizzled some teriyaki sauce over the rice, and it was good too.
Teriyaki Time is located at 80 Andover Park W, Tukwila, WA 98188. Phone: (206) 243-2944

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