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We came back to Washington State to visit with family. We are staying with my sister-in-law and her family. They wanted to take out to dinner. They first suggested a Chinese place. But I am not real big on Chinese. Then they suggested a fish and chips place. Now we’re talking! Being in the Seattle area, fish and chips is a great idea.
So we went off to their favorite fish and chips seafood place named Wally’s Chowder House. They were raving about the clam chowder. My wife and I both love a good clam chowder. It’s located right in the main business area of Des Moines. The parking lot was pretty full, but there were a few spots available. Inside, they were pretty busy. There was a family waiting to be seated before us. But there were seated, and we were seated pretty quickly. The menu was full of seafood choices. They have an all you can eat thing which in retrospect might have been a great deal. They have both New England clam chowde and Manhatten clam chowder. The chowder comes in cups, bowls and quarts. My wife and I shared a bowl of the New England clam chowder. The chowder is one of the best I have had. It was fantastic.
We both ordered cod fingers and chips. Apparently cod fingers are just cut smaller than the cod filets. The fish and chips themselves were good, nothing special. I don’t like tartar sauce, but I was informed by others in our group that the tartar sauce is not great. I didn’t care for the ketchup that they served.
My nephew had the steamers which was a plate full of steamed clams. He said the were very good, but I didn’t have any, but they looked good.
If you like good clam chowder and are in the area, you should give this place a try.
Wally’s Chowder House is located at 22531 Marine View Dr S Des Moines, WA 98198. Their phone number is (206) 878-8140.

With our first flight delayed so much, we arrive at the gate for our next flight (Continental 1481) at about 7:20pm. According to our tickets, the plane was to start boarding at 7:10pm. They changed gates. The tickets said gate C133, but it was apparently changed to C135. There is no one at gate C135. My wife goes to the counter, but they are too busy to help her. There were couple other people that seemed to be concerned about coming late too. Then a plump little woman arrives at the gate. I ask her about boarding the flight to Seattle, and she informs me in kind a gruff manner that she will be starting to board any moment.
Great, so we didn’t miss our connecting flight! When our time comes, we board the plane. I give my wife the window seat. The plane is scheduled to leave at 7:45pm so we are a little concerned about our luggage making it from our last plane in time.
At 7:45pm the captain comes on the speaker and informs us that we are waiting for the catering truck to deliver food for the first class passengers. Wonderful!
Then at about 8pm, the captain comes on the intercom and tells us that now we are waiting for passengers from another flight…3 unaccompanied children. He says that we will be delayed about another 15-20 minutes.
At about 8:20pm the captain says the kids have arrived at the gate and we should be able to leave soon.
At 8:30pm the captain came on the intercom yet again to tell us the kids were delayed from boarding while they sorted out their paperwork. The cabin in the plane was getting warm, and many of the passengers were getting irritated.
At 8:50pm we finally began to pull away from the gate. We didn’t actually take off until about 9:10pm.
We were originally scheduled to arrive in Seattle at 11:02pm. Now it will likely be after midnight. And we will still have to claim ours bags and get our rental car. We didn’t get a chance to eat in the Newark airport as we rushed to meet our connecting flight. Now by the time we get out of the airport, we will be starving. I hope we can find something to eat.
About 9:30pm the captain informed us that we should be arriving in Seattle about 11:45 or about 45 minutes passed our scheduled arrival.
One good thing is that the stewardesses gave out free head phones, the ones that they normally charge for. That was nice.
They served food which was food. I was starving. The food was actually okay.
Partway into the flight captain said the predicted arrival at about 11:45pm. And he was pretty accurate. We were coming in for a landing about 11:30. But shortly before we would have touched down, the plane aborted the landing. The plane had to go all the way around, and we were finally on the ground about 11:45. It was a long day!

Our flight was schedule to leave at 4:55pm, and arrive in Newark, NJ about 6:24pm. Our connecting flight is scheduled to leave at 7:45pm and arrive in Seattle 11ish.
4:10pm-The woman at the counter announced a delay saying something about a groundstop, and that the plane was on the runway. I didn’t quite understand what she was saying so I went to the counter to inquire. She said the plane that is to take us to Newark was still on the ground in Newark. Ouch! Apparently a groundstop is where they stop all air traffic due to a backup. Maybe they stop all outgoing planes if there is a backup of planes trying to land?
4:20pm-She announced that our plane was in the air. Our flight schedule to Newark takes about an hour and a half. So the flight from Newark to here should take about an hour and a half too. So if the plane left about 4:20, it should arrive about 5:50. They will have to unload the people and bags. Then they will have to load us, our bags, and maybe refuel. So maybe we get out of here about 6:30? With an hour and a half flight, that gets us to Newark about 8pm? I hope our connecting flight is delayed too. The lady at the counter said that our flight to Seattle was the last flight to Seattle tonight. So it could be a long night!
4:40pm-She announced that the groundstop had been lifted. Our plane is supposed to arrive about 5:15, and they will unload and reload the plane as quickly as possible. She said that while be about 20 minutes off our original schedule. I don’t really see how. If the plane arrives at 5:15, that’s 20 minutes after flight was supposed to leave. They still have to unload and reload the plane. Maybe that goes really quickly. If our flight arrives in Newark only 20 or 30 minutes late, we shouldn’t have any problem making our connecting flight even if it is ontime.
5:15pm-Our plane showed up and we had to wait for the passengers to get off.
5:25pm-We begin boarding the plane.
5:50pm-Our plane lifts off to Newark.
7:00pm-We arrive in Newark, NJ. I stayed and waited for our planeside check bags. My wife goes up to check with the gate agent to find where our next plane leaves from. According to our tickets, our next flight starts boarding at 7:10pm, but isn’t scheduled to leave until 7:45pm. So we begin our scramble to our gate.

Most times we fly out of the Rochester Airport. It’s only about 30 minutes from our house. But if there is a significant savings we will fly out of the Buffalo Airport. It is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from our house. So it’s an extra couple hours round trip. But if we save a couple hundred dollars, we’ll drive a little farther.
We didn’t park on the airport, but actually chose to park across the street at a place called Sun Park. I forgot to look before we left but planned on finding a coupon for them before we returned.
We parked, unloaded our bags, and shortly a shuttle came and picked us up. The guy help us load our bags. We pulled up a couple spaces, and picked up a family. After their bags were loaded, we were off to the airport. The ride only took maybe 5 minutes. He dropped us off by gate, and helped us with our bags. I tipped him a couple bucks.
We went the Continental gate, and there were no customers there at all. I went to one of the kiosks, ran my credit card, answered a few questions, and it printed our tickets. The lady at the counter took our bags. Mine weighed about 38 pounds and my wife’s about 40 pounds. Both were well under the 50 pound limit.
Security was breeze. There was a line, but they had 3 or 4 stations open and the line moved quickly. It was the normal routine for these days. Take off our shoes, remove the laptop from the case, remove all the metal from our bodies, they scanned my wife, then me we gathered our stuff and made our way to the gate.
We stopped at the restroom. It was clean. I went into a stall, sat and started my business. The door swung open. The little latch now wouldn’t hold the door closed. I sat leaned forward holding the door closed trying to do my stuff. Finally I propped my laptop case in front of it to hold it closed.
Finally at the gate, the sign for our flight show departure at 4:50, five minutes earlier than the tickets stated. That’s fine. I don’t mind leaving a little early.
There is WIFI here at the airport but it costs money. So I am type into a word document, and will upload later. My laptop battery is getting a little low, so I pulled out the charger, and plugged into a wall socket. Hopefully I can get a good charge so I can work on the plane. Then maybe I can plug in at the Newark airport. Maybe I should look at getting another battery for this thing.

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