I am planning on running in the Las Vegas Marathon again this year. Alot of the people I know are staying at the hosting hotel, Mandalay Bay, so I looked there for prices. Phew! They are expensive!
But a lot of people are going to stay at The Excalibur Hotel which is right down the street a bit and still not far from the starting line. I found the prices there much more reasonable. The cheapest room was about $182 for the two nights. But for $202 I got a room with a view of the strip. They had another room with a big screen TV, but I decided I didn’t need a big screen TV. But I thought have a view of the strip would be kind of cool. So I spent the extra $20 and got the room with the view.
I have only stayed on the strip once, and that was at Caesar’s Palace. So this will be interesting. And I wont have to go very far the morning of the race.