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I have a trail race in the Adirondacks next month. I need to be at the ending site (Piseco, NY) at 4am to catch a bus to the starting place (Wakely Dam). It would be a long drive from home, so I want to stay over night someplace nearby. I think a lot of people are going to stay in nearby campgrounds, but I wanted to sleep in a nice bed! I did a search of the area looking for hotels, motels, cabins, bed & breakfasts etc. I found that right down the road there was a bed & breakfast named The Bear In The Tree Bed & Breakfast. They had a website, so I checked it out. It was a restored farm house, and looked really pretty. I thought my wife would like something like that. They had a couple rooms with queen sized beds for $85/night and one with a king sized bed for $115/night. That sounded like a great deal. We could go up the day before, relax, get a good night sleep, and leave early in the morning.
I called Bear In The Tree Bed & Breakfast and inquired about whether they had a vacancy for the night before the race. The guy paused and said he did have one, but then a guy… Here I thought the guy was going to tell me that a guy had just gotten the last room for that night… he continued… a guy drove a car through their house. What? Apparently someone drove a car through the house at 60 mph and destroyed the rooms. Ouch! So there are no more rooms at the B&B!
The guy did give me the name and number of another local place where I could find a room.
It’s a real shame about the Bed & Breakfast being destroyed. It looked really nice in the pictures and I was looking forward to staying there. Hopefully they rebuild the place. Maybe I can stay there in the future.

I needed to book a hotel for 4 nights (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). I first went to Orbitz searched for the dates. I found a motel for $45 a night. But then I noticed that I had the dates wrong, and had us checking out on Thursday. I changed the check out date, the price jumped to $79/night. What? Ouch! I decided to see how much that last night was. And it came up as only $56/night. What? So the frist 3 nights were $45, and the fourth night was $56, but if I book all 4 nights together it jumps to $79/night? That doesn’t make any sense. But further research revealed that place wasn’t very nice. I search more, and found a place for $80/night. The reviews sounded pretty bad for that one too. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. Just clean, and in not too bad of an area. I start searching Priceline and I found various hotels, in various areas. They were either expensive or holes!
I finally found an Econo Lodge that was built in 1999 for $60/night. There were no reviews though. I know the area, and it is not too bad. So I decided to book it. showed the room for for $60/night. With the $37.84 Tax Recovery Charges & Service Fees it came to $277.84. I was about ready to book it, but decided to look and found Orbitz showed the room for $59. Hey it’s $4!!! When I looked it was actually $59.99. But I book often through Orbitz, and thought I would got through them anyway if they are the same price. But when I was going through the register process, I found that the Taxes and Fees came to $46.81 and the total price was $286.76! About $9 more!! Ouch! I went back to and was halfway through booking the room when I decided to check Priceline listed the room for $59.99/night, but the Taxes And Fees were only $28.80 and the total price $268.76. So I booked the room through and saved $18 on the Taxes and Fees!
I only thought about it today that I should have checked to see what their prices were.

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