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Last night we ate a lobster dinner in Bar Harbor down by the water. It was very good. Tonight after window shopping around Bar Harbor, we went in search of a different place. We love lobster, but wanted to try something else, but still stick with seafood.
We found a few places that looked interesting. We chose a place called Geddy’s Pub Restaurant. The sign said "Meet me at Geddy’s" And claims to be where locals meet.
We went inside, and were quickly seated. The inside is decorated with old signs, and license plates. The bathroom doors are marked "Inboards" and "Outboards". You might need to point the kids to the correct bathroom. I had 4 TVs in view that I could watch, all tuned to different stations, with the volume down, but the closed captioning on.
The menu listed something similar to what we have last night called the Island Special. It comes with a bowl of clam chowder, steamed lobster (1 – 1 1/4 pounds), melted butter, fries, and blueberry pie. This seems to be a local standard at many of the restaurants. But we wanted something different tonight. We started off with a couple bowls of Clam Chowder. It was excellent among the best I have ever had.
We our main course, I ordered the Baked Scallop Bearnaise (scallops & mushrooms baked in bearnaise sauce), and my wife ordered the Lazy Lobsta (lobster meat topped with breadcrumbs, shallots and butter). We had choices for the sides, and each chose the Caesar salad. The Caesar salad was just okay (mind you, we have been spoiled by very good Caesar salads). It needed more bite. I thought the baked scallops were great, though not quite as good as the ones I had in New Hampshire. My thought they needed more garlic. My wife’s Lazy Lobsta was also very good.
For dessert we split a Brownie Sundae. It was a large glass with a big hunk of brownie in the bottom, and covered with ice cream, and whipped topping.
Before our meal was brought, our waitress took our picture, and said it will be on the website in a couple weeks for us to download. The service was great, people friendly, the food excellent. I recommend this place highly if you are coming to Bar Harbor, Maine!
Geddy’s is located at 19 Main Street, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609. (207) 288-5077.

On our way to Acadia park, we passed a huge book store named Big Chicken Barn Books. We had already hit a bunch of used book stores yesterday, and weren’t ready for another. But we headed back today to check it out. They claim to be the biggest used book store in Maine. After being in there, I am guessing they are probably telling the truth. The pamphlet says they have 21,000 square foot of books and antiques.
I headed to the sports section to check out martial arts books (my current focus). They had three of them of them, that I already owned. They have tons of other books though. I scanned the hardcover fiction section which was huge. I looked mainly for the authors I collect but nothing jumped out at me. As a bookscout, I am sure that there are some steals in there for someone willing to spend the time to look. I am on vacation.
I did buy a book on bicycle repair for $3.
If you like used bookstores, and are visiting Acadia Park in Maine, you should stop here.
Big Chicken Barn Books is located at 1768 Bucksport Road, Ellsworth, ME 04605. (207) 667-7308.

I don’t know how cold it got last night, but it got colder than our sleeping bags were designed for. It was a nice day yesterday. T-shirt weather even. But last night, my wife crawled into our sleeping bag (actually two sleeping bags that zip together), while I sat playing on the computer. My fingers got colder, and colder until I was having a hard time typing. I decided to crawl into the sleeping bag myself. I was freezing! I normally wear little clothing in a sleeping bag. But ended up putting on a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt, and later on socks and sweatpants. I was still freezing. We cuddled for warmth, and that helped, but man, it was cold!!!!
This morning we went off to Wal-Mart. We figured out our sleeping bags are probably rated for 40 degrees (but they are cheap Coleman bags bought at Wal-Mart, so who knows). Like I said, I don’t know how cold it got. My wife said her can of pop didn’t freeze however.
Wal-Mart had a bunch of bags rated down to 40. They had a few that were rated down to 20 degrees, and a couple that were rated down to 0. All the sub-40 degree bags were mummy styles. We debated about a mummy bag, or what else. The 0 degree mummy bags were about $40-$45 (obviously not high end). Other options were buy a blanket to throw over the sleeping bag.
We finally decided to buy a couple $11 fleece sleeping bags that we plan to zip together, and stick inside our current sleeping bags. If the fleece bags don’t work tonight, we might be heading back to Wal-Mart tomorrow to pick up the mummy bags.
Looking at weather reports later in the day, we found that it had gotten down to 32 degrees last night! No wonder it was so frigging cold!

After looking at some other campgrounds, we decided to stay at the KOA in Acadia. We stopped in to the office. We asked about a campsite, and how much it would cost. The two women here also couldn’t easily tell us what a camp site cost. The one did tell us the best tent site was about $56/night. That was down by the water. I asked about a site not by the water. It turns out they have a couple locations. One location was by the water, and one was in the woods. The sites in the woods were cheaper. She gave us a price under $40 for the site in the woods with electricity and water. We decided get the site in the woods with power. She booked us for three nights, and gave us directions. They were very friendly. And when we asked them about restaurants they tried to help us, even though they were from out of the area. They recounted us with every place they had eaten in the week they had been here. LOL!
We headed down to our site only to find that the site they gave us didn’t have power. We returned to the office, and they apologized for the goof. They moved us to a site with power which was the $40 price, but they did it for no charge.
The site was pretty basic. It was near the restrooms, and had electric, water, and even a cable TV hookup.
The bathrooms and showers are clean, and I thought it was cool that when you go into the shower, you can close and lock the door (it’s not one of those flimsy swinging doors with a latch that someone can just reach under and take your stuff).
Wi-fi was available right from our camp site with a very strong signal. Unlike the KOA in Twin Mountain, NH, I didn’t need a special code to connect to it.

Entering Acadia, we passed right by the KOA campground. One of the things I liked about the KOA was they have free wi-fi. They also have the potential of cabins. But the weather looked nice, so we thought sleep in a tent would be fine. But according to their website, the KOA charged $40 for a tent site with electricity.
We were heading towards the Blackwoods campground. They charged $20 and night. $20/night seemed excessive for free wi-fi. And I thought the Blackwoods campground was where we stayed before. My wife didn’t think that was where we had stayed. Further reading showed the Blackwoods campground didn’t even have showers, and we would have to pay and some nearby place to use theirs. What?
But in our driving, we found the actual place we had stayed 12 years ago. The campground was called Mount Desert Narrows Campground. We stopped there. We asked how much they charged for a tent site with electricity. They wouldn’t or couldn’t tell us. I think they were new. They seemed to want to book us into a site without telling us how much it cost. When we finally got the price, it was $40/night and we would have to pay for wi-fi. But the tent site was on the water. I decided for that price we would rather stay at the KOA. So we headed to the KOA.

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